Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The real loose cannon

OK, OK I must admit I'm just the pseudo-loose cannon of Malaysian sports.

Go to for the real deal.


Arnaz said...

Dey, bugger, thanks... Never meant for the blog to be promoted. Just extra stuff that won't ever appear in the paper.

nstman said...

To say Arnaz is a loose cannon is an understatement. This guy cant shoot straight, he just sprays all over, especially in the loo. Rizal, you may be a loose cannon, but Arnaz is a Premier League cannon.

Anonymous said...

wei arnaz can you shut up ar, no offence bro, i agree with nstman with the premier league cannon, but you know what arnaz just got promoted to super league cannon. you think you are hell of a great writer is it arnaz. you are not even close to rizal's feet lah bro.
no writer cries to watch a malaysian cyclist win. ha ha ha cry baby.