Monday, May 12, 2008

ManYoo lagi...

Surely we did not expect Wigan to come up with a miracle.

Congratulations to Manchester United and their band of handful faithful. Ten titles under Fergie, wow. And even if Chelsea had beaten Bolton, which they failed, the Blues would still be singing the blues based on goal difference.

Somehow I think they have another huge celebration in Moscow on May 22 (Malaysian time).

As long as there are Frenchmen in the squad, that will do for me. Long live Evra (pic) and the clumsy Silvestre.


Anonymous said...

Go United! and there's only ONE TEAM in RED...tsk tsk.
Isnt Saha french too?????? Duh!!!!!Must be writer's block, ooops should be Blogger's block.

kg permetang tok dik said...

Akum Rizal.....Kemenangan M.U turut menggembirakan En Hamad Ismail.hehehehh

rizal hashim said...

Yes anon,

I stand corrected. Saha has gone under the radar, I suppose. My radar.


nstman said...

United is a full-blooded English side, Arsenal is a French side masquerading as an English club. That's why Arsenal are Goners. United is God, Arsenal and Liverpool are shit.

Anonymous said...

Under or Above your radar, could be your personal ignorance. Nevertheless, Saha is still on MU I did see him on MU kit celebrating as a MU player Champion England 2007-2008. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Man, U suck!

Anonymous said...

MU 'were' one of/the only team with majority of English/GB players but not anymore. Kudos to Sir Alex, trying to trying to bring the youth team with English/GB players to first team but this is no Neville, Butt, Beckam, Scoles era. I'm a MU fan but believe me, i want more English player to make an impact in EPL but in reality English player are not 'up there' in terms of tactics and technical skills. Lets look at the current English National team for instance. If EPL reflects the success of English, they show be one of the Elite National Team in Europe at least. To make a Long Story Short, success of EPL are based on the traditional 'end to end' football/never say die and foreign players. Wake up and welcome to GLOBALIZATION.

Bung Karno said...

Man U was reported champion already on Saturday !!!!

By the way the goal scored by van der Sar is during the match in Moscow on 21 May 2008.

Ade ke ?

Arnaz said...

Give Avram some Grants, preferably no less than 15 years.
He's gonna have lots of sorrows to drown in coming days.

rizal hashim said...

bung karno,

you are right lah bung

but even if van der sar concedes an own goal, tevez and c ronaldo have a few tricks up their sleeves.

moskva here i come...not to celebrate man u's victory but to celebrate the fact that a few frenchmen would be on the pitch.

chelsea - malouda, makelele, anelka. makelele and anelka lifted Ol' Big Ears wearing Real Madrid's colours, in 2002 and 2000 respectively.

the french trio in the united side - saha, evra and silvestre - have never tasted UCL success before, evra losing to the special one's porto in the 2004 final.

viva les bleus!!!!

Fowler is God said...

Man U already planning a speeding spree for 2009. Two players and four REFEREES have already been identified.

Joke courtesy of former Malay Mail boss MZul

Jonathan Fernandez said...

Wateva la Graig. U liverpoolians keeping living wit ur past glories. Time waits for no one la bro. U people have the potential to end up like Leeds/Forest. No right to argue about superiority wit Man U fans alredi la.Go find our merseyside rival supporter and dwell with him..since everton are giving a good run for ur money now..Lol

nstman said...

We Man You addicts have already bought over every referee in the land. We have bought every good player. Any objections from MU haters? And we have bought every available title there is.

Fowler is God said...

Looks like Jonathan and the rest of the MU fans need to get a sense of humour :-p
That's the thing about Liverpool fans, we can laugh along when jokes are made at our expense ... not get uptight/upset.
One reason why Liverpool-Man U rivalry is fun, is to provoke/make fun of the other team.

An old joke for u guys (with a Malaysian twist)

Why did Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha go train at Old Trafford before going into space?
Coz that's the only place on earth without atmosphere :-p

Jangan marah ye