Saturday, May 24, 2008

CYC and I part 3

Bernama has this report

FAM Doesn't Recognise CYC

KUANTAN, May 23 (Bernama) -- The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) does not recognise the Champions Youth Cup (CYC) championship in August and considers the RM17 million allocation for the promoter as a waste.

FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah said the country's football governing body still disapproved of the action by the promoter, Gifted Group Limited (GGL), in pushing it aside despite having received an official explanation from GGL.

"We won't allow them. I am the president... I don't know if there is another president," he told reporters after presenting the Pahang flag to the state contingent to the Malaysia Games (Sukma) here Friday.

Any parties wishing to host football matches in Malaysia need to get the FAM's consent, he said.

The Sultan of Pahang said he was puzzled how the RM17 million allocation could easily be channelled by the Youth and Sports Ministry.

"This thing cannot be made rashly without consulting the FAM to get the approval for the hosting right," he said.

"I don't know how the money can be given easily... if it's given to the FAM, it can do loads," he said.

The issue came to the fore after GGL accepted an offer from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to host the championship, hence sidelining the FAM.

Following this, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the ministry would look back at the contract it had signed with GGL to see whether it could be cancelled.

The under-19 championship, held for the first time in Malaysia last year, has drawn the interest of 16 teams including Malaysia and defending champions Manchester United.

It is supposed to be held in several states from Aug 5 to 16.

Well, I stand vindicated. If only the powers that be had listened to what the Press said about CYC last year, this fiasco would not have taken place!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bro,
Kudos to DYMM Sultan Ahmad Shah for kicking this CYC crap out. It's truly a waste of our money. Who wants to watch a bunch of youngster playing football, even though they are from well-known clubs. Again, Azalina should be held responsible for this mess. How come no one in launching any police report on her on this matter?? There's definitely elements of corruptions here...
I also hope that our new sports minister will pass the ball back to Azalina, it's unfair that he has to deal with this shit
keep exposing these shady deals, bro...


KakiBola said...

In principal, I feel that FAM's decision in not recognizing the CYC was approriate, considering the whole process of organization which showed no respect to FAM as the authority in the country. However I feel the decision was made only after the FAM feels that they have no part and will not reap any benefit or profit from the event. Otherwise, being the so experienced organization in football, definitely FAM could have sensed that the whole thing were just a waste and has no impact in developing the game here..why only now?

Anonymous said...

With 17 mill to spend i think govt can cahnnel it back to the grassroot. Imagine how many footballl fields can be built using that money....what a waste.
i know from my exp to prepare a long and structure program for football maybe cost only 5 million. Sukan Teras program reportedly spent 5 million to have 89 centers troughout the country plus equipment and competition
what a waste man....

epain said...


but the heat now is on KBS...they had paid 8 million so far...

to terminate the contract is another matter....

so the "losing" side will be kbs.....

Anonymous said...

bravo to HRH Tuanku President..
for speaking out LOUD & CLEAR..

to the Pengerang lady..what do you have to say for all this 'another mess'??

Anonymous said...

Why now? Is it because the new set of officials in FAM/KBS won't be getting any piece of the pie?
Heard all the extras extras have already masuk pocket the previous admin ppl ... can't say who lah, nanti kena saman for defamation.

The Mole said...

Hi bro,

What is KBS going to do to FAM? shouldnt KBS deregister or suspend FAM as a sports body. Get the Sports Commissioner to sign the deregistration order for...hindering the development of sport!..ooops i lupa la bro. Azalina and elyas are no longer around.