Friday, May 2, 2008

Another letter in circulation?

Apparently there's another letter containing serious allegations on how the national hockey team were prepared for the recent Olympic qualifiers and other hockey-related issues being circulated.

The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) might want to look into the content.


gnunis said...

MHF folks are fond of doing this sort of things.
Write letters, whisper campaigns ... but when face to face with the bigwigs, all as quiet as a mouse ... then point fingers at media for causing the shit.

MHF = Malaysian Hopeless Federation

Fowler isGod

blueamigoes said...

I think the MHF officials (secretaries of the states) have no guts to come out and say what they truly feel due to repercussions from certain quarters that's why they circular these letters hoping that someone will hopefully bring this up somewhere ,somehow or sometime during the course of disscussion.

Anonymous said...


OMG OMG OMG don’t tell us that there is still more SHIT under the carpet in MHF.

It is good to know that Datuk Wira is the new SAP Chairman, hopefully he is able to weed out the enemies of MALAYSIAN HOCKEY.

PS - Datuk please don't be fool by those named in the blog as they have many talents besides their 'coaching skills/knowledge' which is under utilised.

Good to have you back Datuk.

mr objective said...


How to make any coments when you havent reproduced the letter in your blog. I am sure people are interested in its contents too, kan?

Anonymous said...

Brother Rizal,
How are the states going to vote against the present set up. Almost all the secretaries have been given a foreign trip as a Manager of the senior or junior team. MHF look like clowns in this new format of choosing the managers just to get the votes.Mangers are suppose to stick with the team at least for two years wherby they will know the players and take care of the welfare of the players. Now they are choosing National coaches whom got LEVEL 2 National Coaching Cerficate to become coaches to just please the affiliates to get the votes.The U-16 team which just left for Germany has got a level 2 coach who has got no experience and the same happened last year an assistant coach who was bouncer for the great Sarjit was chhosen and went to Germany. MOCKERY BROTHER.The National Junior League Champions( 10 times) ,SSBJ coach was not selected because no votes.Don't worry brother with this type of system the present MHF is doing they will last until if there would be a 3rd World War.
MHF- Mad Hockey Federation
MHF- Malaysian Hockey Failures
MHF - Malaysian Hockey F......
MHF - Morron Hockey Federation and the highest of hockey with the combination of the ladies and men is MHC- Malaysian Hockey Circus
MHC -Malaysian Hockey clowns
I better stop.
Frustrated Hockey Fan

commentator said...

bro hashim
bring out the contents of the latest hockey letter 2 comment objectively not knowing the contents.
Also wat about your audience with YM Tunku Majid MHF D/President.Scareeed uuhh

Anonymous said...

Frustrated Hockey Fan says
Brother Rizal, latest
The Coach Of SSBJ has followed the team to Germany but with the effort put by Sister Marina Chin. Hats off for Sister Marina Chin for doing the collection to send that dedicated coach of her school. Shy on MHF. Most of the players come from Sports School but choice of coaches is from MHF that is their cronies whom are involved in 10/2 or 10%.Coaching Chairman doesn't decide on the coaches but the head of 10/2 who decides. I feel sorry for some of the dedicated coaches who are working very hard to bring up hockey in the country.
Frustrated Hockey Fan

Anonymous said...

Todays papers,MHF going to hire Defence coach,attack coach and what else?. Many coaches better for 10/2 investment. So now they will have A chief coach who will handle is business,Assistant Coach as bouncer,A bio-mechanic coach to do the paper work, Goalkeeper coach to train G.K ( Pakistan do not want him.He is no coach.Kumar will play better without him),Defence coach and attack coach.All will be paid by MSN.Terry Walsh did by himself. What will happen to Paul Lissek.I think he will wait until the Chief Coach gives back all the invested money.
So what does the Chief Coach will do? I know he is aiming for the post as a Consultant wereby he will ask for a pay of about RM 20k.
MSN please wake up. If MHF wants to hire, please ask them to get sponsors and pay how many number of coaches they hire but I will support MSN to pay for one good foreign coach who can handle the team professionally like Terry Walsh did.
Good Luck to the Future Malaysian Hockey.
Terry Walsh's Friend

Anonymous said...

To all hockey Fans,
Joke of the year in the council meeting of MHF.
Report of account was given out to the council members during the meeting ,at the end of the meeting the report was collected back.Did not allow the members to take away the report of the accounts. Rizal they are worried that it will come out in your block not in the local newspapers and also to cover all the mismanagement of accounts by the MHF Secretary ( 10%)
Bringing in 2 foreign coaches was discussed. Hockey Fans just for your information the Pakistan Coach was brought here from the year 2005. He only handles the 2National players of the Senior team.He is being paid about RM 4 k.(NSC pays)When ever he wants to go to Pakistan he will get the Flight ticket from NSC. If he is a good coach Kumar would not let in 14 goals during the Qualifiers and he would had been replaced by a resereve GK if he was trained properly by the GK coach. Why the reserve coach is far bellow standard of the first choice.Isn't it a mockery.He could go around all the states to do coaching clinic or a National G.K Coaching clinic.
This set by the 10/2 Chief Coach.
Inexperienced coaches brought in like the assistant coach and 3rd assistant coach .
Sins after sins MHF,10/2 and 10 %
By Die hard hockey fan of 1975.

Anonymous said...

Abang Rizal,

Are we getting soft too, brother? Or as expected you given the ‘Royal Command’ to tone down in your effort to expose the culprits that are creating such a massive damage to Malaysian hockey in such a short time.



Anonymous said...

Letters in MHF aint new, its like each want to play their own chess game especially after the constitution was reviewed.

In the whole org structure of committees how many actually do work?

Any resistance your phazed out or put in the cold room? How many actually open their mouths in a meeting?