Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manyoo lah

As much as I love to take a dig at ManYoo and their fans, I think I have to congratulate them, especially Datuk Dell Akbar Khan, Datuk Yap Nyim Keong, Datuk Zolkples Embong, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, Datuk Seri Hilmi Ismail, YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Datuk Farid Ridzuan, Saudara Abdul Rahman Ahmad and Lawrence How (just to name a few Devils) in advance.

Fergie will lift the Ol Big Ears for a second time in Moskva early tomorrow morning.

Sorry Husin Rahman (former New Straits Times journo and avid Chelsea fan since the days of Charlie Cooke and Peter Osgood), it's United's Cup. I don't have to touch on the technical and tactical stuff since the experts are all out there.

How I wish I was in Moskva again...15 years after. Not to watch the match but to shop for remnants of the Soviet legacy at the sprawling flea market at Ismailovskaya!


Allan Harris said...

Are you a member of Lalang FC? hahaha

Ard said...

Hi Rizal,

Sorry to post an unrelated comment but are you still in contact with Husin Rahman? He's a cousin of mine and we've lost touch, Any idea where is he now?

His elder sister passed away over the weekend, I was not able to pay a visit but would like to keep in touch.

Thanks and if you are in contact do send my regards to him and perhaps you can pass him my email address.


KakiBola said...

Congrats to all MU fans. MU is a real CHAMPION...

Bung Karno said...

Sdr Rizal,

Ini posting yg sama dalam blog Tiger :

Hari ni saya senyum,je.Perut rasa kenyang je. Tapi nak kena tido banyak-banyak.

MU Juara !!!!! Walaupun pagi tadi begegar jantung.

p/s takut nak buat prediction macam dulu. Chelsea who ?

khairyn said...

why oh why must emyu wins?

Not a football fan but then I don't like MU. So?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Frenchman let u down