Monday, October 24, 2011

SIC in mourning

I'm loss for words but Haresh Deol provides an insight here

Just a week ago, Datuk Ahmad Razlan Razali was in an upbeat mood, accompanying Farid Badrul Hisham, the wild card entrant for 125cc in the Malaysian MotoGP, on Kafe Sukan.

Coverage of the media? Read here. Read here for a tribute to Marco Simoncelli.

For certain, Marco Simoncelli's tragic death overshadowed our riders' home appearance. Read Zulfahmi Khairuddin's exploits here


Anonymous said...



The sad thing ever happen in SIC..Marco Simoncelli will always be remembered as the riders that coloured the MotoGP racing track..apart from the "Doctor"...he was one of those that cheer up the track...RIP Mr Marco Simoncelli...58 is the number..Malaysian thoughts and wishes are with the family...Living life in fast lane...

Zul "Mamola" Amizan

ariffin_Bdr Bangi Bangi said...

bro rizal,

maybe out of topic......tolong komen sikit tiket final piala malaysia dinaikkan jadi RM50.00, tinggi tu...ada unsur2 sabotaj pada penyokong yg tinggal dipaling jauh di hulu besut terengganu berbanding dengan yg di Nilai yg paling dekat dgn shah alam?

come on fam, tolong jaga hati penonton yg mula membanjiri stadium2 di malaysia sekarang