Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Debate 1

There will be a discussion called the Great Debate 1 which is expected to be moderated by Astro Awani's Executive Editor, Kamarul Bahrin Haron, in the National Sports Industry Convention next week. The topic - "This House believes that the Malaysian Sport Industry’s priority should be bidding for and hosting sporting events”.

The Liverpool fan is not only a respected prime-time TV talk show host-cum-seasoned presenter-cum-journo-cum-producer but also a stakeholder in grassroots sports, as his daughter is a gymnast! Anyone who aspires to be a TV presenter must make him a point of reference.

Loose cannon used to enjoy going to Astro Awani because of personalities like Kamarul, Suhaimi Sulaiman, Nazri Kahar and Fadzrie Hazis...rarely though he got the chance to meet Azizi Othman, Awani's Editor-in-Chief and loose cannon's course mate in the NSTP's pre-editorial training scheme.

The 3rd National Sports Industry Convention - Business of Major Events will take place at the MINES International Exhibition on Oct 27.

The Big Picture: Analysing Trends In the Global Sports Event Industry
by Kevin Roberts, Editorial Director Sportbusiness Group

Presentation mapping the major events sector, the federations and tour owners and the leading host cities and nations with data taken from SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Cities, Sports Tourism and Sports Event Bidding reports.

Developing Successful Sponsorship and Hospitality Around Major Events
Moderated by Kevin Roberts
1. Representative from RCS Sports, Milan
2. Keld Christiansen, Carbon Worldwide (promoter CIMB Asia Pacific PGA Classic)
or Representative from Global One (promoter Maybank Malaysian Open)
3. Representative from F1 Rocks

Case Study: The Big Event #1 : The Solheim Cup
by Roddy Carr

Presentation looking at the story of a sporting event presented by an executive at the very heart of the project. With Q+A from the delegation.

Panel Discussion 2: How local organisations and entrepreneurs leverage on international sporting events in Malaysia / Getting the most from event partners and sponsors
Moderated by Kevin Roberts

With sporting events credited with bringing in millions to hosts, this panel discussion analyses the potential revenues that they can deliver. Direct revenues accrue from ticket and merchandise sales and inbound tourist spending, but these can be multiplied many times over as local jobs are created and salaries recycled in the local economy. Set against these opportunities there are also staging costs and disruption as well as restrictions and often a large outflow of funds. This panel discussion will take a broad view of the revenue possibilities that events bring.

1. Roddy Carr
2. Representative from IMG Media / IMG Group OR Global One
3. Representative from Victoria/Melbourne Major Events

Case Study: The Big Event #2: The Giro d’Italia
by RCS Sports

Panel discussion 3 - Creating Events that Appeal to Broadcasters
Moderated by Kevin Roberts

1. Representative from RCS Sports
2. John Barton, Director (Sports) Asian Broadcasting Union
3. Lee Choong Khay, ASTRO, Vice President Sports Business Content Management Group
4. Representative from EUROSPORT

Last but not least,

Great Debate 1 – “This House believes that the Malaysian Sport Industry’s priority should be bidding for and hosting sporting events”
Moderated by Kamarul Bahrin, ASTRO Awani (TBC)

An interactive structured discussion featuring opposing views on the topic. Moderated by ASTRO Awani’s Kamarul Bahrin, two or more experienced figures will debate and discuss the above motion. The conclusion will be a vote on the motion and an announcement of a formal winner and the motion being carried or defeated.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great topic to debate upon. May I ask though which area of hosting an international event brings in the biggest revenue? Fans coming to see the event (through ticketing sales, selling of merchandise) or selling the tv rights?

Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum Bro,

Thanks for the oppurtunity, highly appreciate....i was there....very informative...thanks...bro..

Zul "Miura" Amizan