Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unfriendly budget?

Loose cannon's former colleague at the Malay Mail feels the 2010 budget is unfriendly towards the sports family. Read here.

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Who are we kidding Olympian said...

Sports is the best tool in bringing forth 'Gagasan 1Malaysia' to a reality. As the article goods the blame should be at the hands of quote "the politicians in dark suits who are responsible towards the decay of sports in the country" is not many of the NSAs are also in the boat.

The NSAs are so full of themselves bleeding the NSC of their non-existence of second liners to be send to overseas stint or programs, whereas the NSAs rest on their laurels in not raising any awareness or funds for their own projects.

Sports is a great tool...I totally agree but to let it rest wholly on the shoulders of government and NSC is very unfair...we all have to play a part in making 1Malaysia a reality and being a sports enthusiast myself...I would like to see it and work using as the best tool.

Sports is THE TOOL...but in reality the NSAs are just a letdown abit a few.