Monday, October 5, 2009

Extra time for 4-4-2

4-4-2 the mag has gone from strength to strength, and so has Four Four Two, the football programme over channel 811.

Lee Choong Khay, Head of Sports Business of Astro says, “With the football season well underway, we find that football fans are tuning into our show more and more for exclusive weekly updates, news and interviews. Continuing our aim to be the No.1 choice for sports content, we have expanded it to a one-hour show to bring football fans and viewers an even more comprehensive and fun programme.”

In addition to the 30-minutes of ‘extra-time’, FourFourTwo will be bringing in a new segment called Stadium Astro Sokker Safari, which will feature football fans from different clubs in the studio each week to be interviewed by co-host and Mix FM DJ, Jay Menon. This is an extension of the interactivity the show already offers through its Stadium Astro Fantasy segment where Jay provides updates and regular commentary on the EPL Fantasy game.


nstman said...

I had my doubts when the show was mooted but they have been erased by the professionalism of Jason and Jay. beyond my expectations. Good show. Hopefully the show will feature more local experts like Loose Cannon.

Anonymous said...

i second the motion...

Azmi said...

As an avid reader of FourFourTwo (I still have the first issue somewhere) I was initially quite hesitant as to the quality of the televised version.

Todate, Jason and Jay havebeen doing a great job.

Btw, it was a great surprise to see Abbas "dance in my underwear" Saad on tv... he needs to agree less with Steve McMahon though :)