Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Classy OLAK

Selangor hockey league - Press release

The Selangor Hockey League 2009 got off to a roaring start on Saturday as the PDRM Selangor were whitewashed 8-0 by OLAK.

OLAK, with 2 ladies in their line-up in the Division 1 tie, struck as early as the 1st minute as Dinesh Ramachandran scored a well taken field goal. Dinesh went on to score a hattrick by scoring on the 10th & 11th minutes. His brother Pragesh also got into the scoring act in the 3rd minute. Other scorers were Abdullah Sani in the 14th & 28th minutes and Satesh Kanabathu in the 30th & 34th minutes.

The match was stopped at half time as two Police players suffered bleeding injuries and an additional two players had serious injuries. The team were unable to continue the
match as they were unable to field the minimum 8 players required.

Having played 35 minutes the result stood.

In the second match MBPJ clawed back from 3 goals down against RAMD to earn a well deserved draw. RAMD scored on the 18th & 35th minutes to lead 2-0 at halftime. After the interval they increased their lead to 3-0 in the 45th minute.

MBPJ rallied back to score 3 goals in 7 minutes to force RAMD to a draw. In the last game of the night, JLJ took on the MHL Division 2 champion UiTM. UiTM took the lead in 15th minute though a field goal. Umpire K.Ravichandran awarded a stroke to JLJ in the 28th minute
after a deliberate infringement by UiTM. Mohd Hanip was equal to the task as he converted the stroke. UiTM took the 3 points in the 57th minute as Nazmi Kamaruddin converted a penalty corner.

In division 2 matches held on Sunday, RAMD Juniors beat Projek 11 - B 7-0. Politeknik S.Alam edged out Synergy HC 3-2, IIUM Mustang held off PSKPP 2-1, SIA beat IIUM Staff 4-2.

Full Results
No Date Time Venue Div FIXTURES RESULT
1 3-Oct 4.00pm SHP 1 OLAK vs Selangor Polis 8-0
2 3-Oct 5.30pm SHP 1 MBPJ vs RAMD 3-3
3 3-Oct 7.00pm SHP 1 JLJ vs UITM 1-2
4 4-Oct 8.00am SHP 2 RAMD Juniors vs Projek 11 - B 7-0
6 4-Oct 4.00pm SHP 2 Polyteknik S.Alam vs Synergy HC 3-2
7 4-Oct 5.30pm SHP 2 IIUM Mustang vs PSKPP 2-1
8 4-Oct 7.00pm SHP 2 SIA vs IIUM Staff 4-2
No. Date Time Venue Div FIXTURES
5 7-Oct 8.00pm SHP 2 Selangor Polis Veteran vs JUPEM
9 10-Oct 5.00pm SHP 1 JLJ vs Selangor Sikh
10 10-Oct 7.00pm SHP 1 MBPJ vs OLAK
11 10-Oct 8.30pm SHP 1 Selangor Polis vs RAMD
14 11-Oct 4.00pm SHP 2 IIUM Staff vs Polyteknik S.Alam
15 11-Oct 5.30pm SHP 2 JUPEM vs RAMD Juniors
16 11-Oct 7.00pm SHP 2 Synergy HC vs Projek 11 - B
12 11-Oct 8.30pm SHP 2 SIA vs IIUM Mustang
17 14-Oct 8.00pm SHP 1 Selangor Sikh vs Projek 11 - A
18 14-Oct 8.00pm UIA 2 IIUM Mustang vs IIUM Staff
13 15-Oct 8.00pm SHP 2 PSKPP vs SMKPP

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Hakim Amir said...

did i read you correct there? ... " with 2 ladies in their lineup ... ". u mean the team for the Sgor league can have a mixture of males & females?

how cool!