Monday, October 5, 2009

Malaysian Open ATP review 1

The ad in the Star

The very excited winner Lynn MD. Sham with the Event Patron, the Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. The winner also received two weekend gold tickets for the PROTON MALAYSIAN OPEN KUALA LUMPUR 2009 and had her picture taken with Fernando Verdasco.

Kick-starting our week is Citizen Nades' Monday column here.

Direct feedback from the fans over Facebook (unedited):

"good job,guys!for next year:1)improve toilets,food stalls quality,etc (2)more interaction w players and fans via autograph session (3)tennis related games/entertainment outside (4)better merchandising (5)extend LRT hours and lastly BRING RAFAEL NADAL to Msian Open nx year!"

"Thank you to the PMOKL team and to everyone else involved in bringing the tournament to Kuala Lumpur. It has been an exciting time for tennis fans and it is great that our suggestions and comments matter to you. Like they say, there's always room for improvement, it's the biggest room in the house :) I was just a bit amused during the trophy presentation that the players' names were not at least mentioned again before they walked up to collect their trophies. Instead, they were introduced as...the runner-up(s) and the champion(s)..I would think that the players would at least appreciate their names being mentioned."

"good job to PMOKL....I just need to suggest one which is if imposible to have this tournement on school holiday because many people around Malaysia could come to the tournement."

"many thanks to Tourism Malaysia for this amazing experience!!! never thought we could meet and watch these magnificent players in malaysia...."

"1st skali nak ucap tahniah pada players yg menang. 2nd nak bgtau pada rakyat malaysia yg tgk FB ni, kalau boleh bila ada game tenis ni Tolong la offkan flash kamera tu, ini kerana akan menggangu player yg tgh main tu.. Cuba faham undang2 tenis ni & jika boleh jgn bawak anak kecil, bersorak dengan terlampau dan menjerit2. Players perlukan tumpuan pada permainan, malu kita pada negara luar."

"great tournament. thanks to the organiser for such a good event. PLEASE BRING BACK F.VERDASCO BACK YER! tks nick for the event. hope yr post mortem will make next year event even more superb than this one.... *applaus*"

"Kolya is the most underrated top 10 players. Glad he is the champ. Congrats!Big applause to the Malaysian Open organiser, i'd read so many praises since the beginning of the tournanment from all over the web. Well done!...See ya next year! Till then, Adios!"

"Really great draw of players. But wish the organizers arranged for more autograph sessions and allowed fans to take pictures with players instead of pushing us away rudely. We did pay considerable sums to attend the matches after all."

"i cudnt agree more with Aini! Need better toilets! No soap in the dispenser even! Food stalls.... should be improved. It was as if they were selling the same things?! I bot a burger and it was uncooked! Still cold in the centre :p Yech!I enjoyed the last 3 days though!"

"and please put some ATM near the ticket counters.. some had to leave the sports village to withdraw money to buy tickets..."

Anyway tennis blogger HCFoo enjoyed being put under the glare of the spotlight

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hcfoo said...

Thanks for the link.

Personally, I think the tournament organiser should start listening to their volunteers and fans. Maybe they can start by accepting negative comments.

MO has room to improve - ticketing (server always crash), food, players transportation, etc.

I'm looking forward to an even better tournament next year.