Sunday, October 18, 2009

...and may there be light at the end of the sports tunnel

Loose cannon's in-laws' place is sandwiched by the two Maniams, one a former teacher, the other a former health officer. It has become a tradition that Uncle Maniam (health), short for Subramaniam, and the whole family, be among the first visitors to taste Mak's gulai first day of Eidul Fitri. Uncle Maniam (cikgu) and Aunty Dolly too make it an annual tradition to come over. Naturally during Deepavali, Mak and Abah would be making reciprocal visits to their neighbours.

By next year, the Maniams may have an additional family member to taste Mak's curry. Picture of Chitdrakantan's engagement last month, taken from his FB, without permission, as usual

That's B. Sathianathan in the background

Uncle Maniam and family's annual visit.

One of my best friends in school, Vicky, lives a stone's throw from Batu Caves. We played footy together at school, were class-mates right up to Standard Six and spent a lot of our teenage years eating thosai, nasi lemak and roti canai.

Loose cannon do get a number of invitations for Deepavali dos from all over the country, mostly from sports officials, athletes and friends. Time and location however do not permit. Humble apologies. S.S. Dhaliwal, whose parents reside in Tampin, also extends his Deepavali invite on a yearly basis.

There was one year when the whole Malay Mail sports desk, with a few exceptions, travelled to Tampin for Satwant's deepavali dinner. Also present were Mirnawan Nawawi and Chua Boon Huat. How time flies.

Happy Deepavali, Happy Diwali. And may there be light at the end of our sports tunnel!


azam said...

Teringat zaman sekolah kat Kulim kawan-kawan seperti Anand Reddy,Choo Voon Ping,Law,Gerard & Mahendran.Masa tu masih boleh bermain bola tanpa mengira bangsa di padang sekolah tunku malik.

Di kala menyauk anak-anak ikan di parit depan rumah tanpa rasa malu bersama Choo.Di mana kawan-kawan aku sekarang,adakah masih mereka ingat saat-saat di mana tak perlu dilaung 1 Malaysia untuk menyatakan perpaduan itu wujud......

Sekadar teringat saat dulu-dulu....


pakmat said...

..yes, lc..these are the values that we have to teach our children..and these are the values yang kita telah tercicir somewhere along the way..