Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boss dancing for charity

SMS: Taip DANSA MIRNA atau DANSA♥ /5/10> MIRNA untuk (3/5/10 undian) ke 32999 ;
Contoh : DANSA5 MIRNA KE 32999
Talian Tetap: Dail 13721/ 13723/ 13725/ 13730 untuk 1/ 3 /5 /10 undian & Tekan 6
Tekan Butang R di Astro RIA, pilih MIRNA

In his heyday, Mirnawan Nawawi weaved his magic and danced around the best defences in the hockey world. Now the Project 2013 team manager is making a bid to dance his way into the hearts of the audience and the judges, alongside his wife Noorah Mokhsin in the reality show-cum-fund raising/charity program Sehati Berdansa to commence on Oct 17 over channel 104.

Boss and the wife are doing their bit for Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Spastik Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan.


ANTI MHF said...

These is the only manager, dancing and managing a club and hockey manager, no wonder so much of problem in the team, thanks to bloggers like you who promotes these goon.

Anonymous said...

You sure must be the gang of 10/2( Loan shark coach) When he sold the country by betting and teaching the players how to do 10/2 bussinness that time did your comments went. Mirnawan by dancing also his team is doing excellent. What was 10/2 team doing?

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