Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lynch-ed by the Dragons

Lynch (right) and Brown

Chris Lynch, one of two American imports in KL Dragons' outfit in the Asean Basketball League (ABL), has been sacked. He makes way for another Chris, Cameroonian Chris Kuete.

According to, Lynch had been carrying a hamstring injury going into ABL, which the Dragons management had no prior knowledge of.

The fans had been clamouring for Kuete, the national league MVP for 2008, to be included in the KL outfit. Now their prayers have been answered.

Tonight, the Dragons will take on Thailand Tigers at MABA Stadium. The Thailand Tigers, made up of players from Thailand’s top players have strengthened their player roster with former Patriots player Ricky Ricafuerte, ex-University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) player Axel Doruelo and a second American import 6’ 9” Chaz Briggs.

KL Dragons Team Manager Mr Wee Chong Phor said:

"We welcome the Thailand Tigers here in Malaysia. Our team has been working hard to achieve our goal of making it to the playoffs with the support from our coaching staff, our team owners and their creative and innovative workforce and of course the most important of all our beloved KL Dragon fans!"

The KL Dragons are relying on experienced players Chee Li Wei (three time Agong Cup MVP), China-based B. Guganeswaran (MVP, Top Rebounder, Top Defender, Top Scorer in 2004 Agong Cup), and Koh Way Teck (two time Agong Cup Champion) as well as Jamal Daryl Brown to secure their second win.

The KL Dragons may not be in the winning spirit after the loss in Indonesia, but the team is still training hard, leaving coach Goh optimistic.

"The players have been preparing for the game this weekend. They have been training hard physically and are prepared mentally for a tough game against the Thailand Tigers. The team has vowed to do their best to come out with a win!"

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Anonymous said...

thats is the fault of the team. obviously we are not equipped to test players ..their fitnes condition to ascertain their level.