Thursday, August 27, 2009

A tribute to the class of 1956

In the spirit of Merdeka, let's pay tribute to the hockey team that formed the mainstay of the first ever Malayan contingent to appear in the Olympic Games, a year before the Union Jack was lowered.

Episode 6 of the Malaysian Sporting Heroes - the Story So Far over Astro Supersports 811 - is dedicated to the squads of 1956 and 1975 World Cup and was shown on Wednesday Aug 26 at 9.0pm, with repeats over the weekend.

Chef-de-mission cum coach of the hockey team

Team manager/selector

KL-born keeper and later became the country's first FIFA referee

Vice-captain in 1956 and later captain of the national team

Played hockey and football

Taiping-born skipper of the class of 1956 and acknowledged as the best centre-half in the 50s

Eldest of five siblings who were all-round sportsmen

Taiping-born policeman who played for Pahang and Selangor

Ipoh-born who was also secretary of the Perak HA while active playing

Ipoh-born police inspector

Double international and most accomplished cricket batsman

Ipoh-born who represented Perak in hockey, football and athletics

Equally adept in hockey and cricket

Seremban-born who played hockey and football for NS

KL-born but educated in Madras

Born in Perak but represented Selangor and also Adelaide University

Taiping-born who made his debut in 1950

VI-trained who represented Perak in hockey, football and cricket

Born in Kajang but educated at KGV, later to become Selangor Chief of Police

Started the van Huizen Olympic tradition, duly followed by brother Lawrence in 1964 and nephew Stephen in 1984


Hakim Amir said...

truly 1Malaysia lineup....
great program btw, loose canon!

Anonymous said...

Rizal in order for one to be considered a olympian one must and i say must play(even for 1 minute) or take part in a event for him or her to be called a olympian..