Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kismas 09 - The kiss of life?

I believe the Sports Ministry must be lauded for organising the Malaysian Sports Industry Convention (Kismas 09). My fellow sports bloggers - ex-boss Tony Mariadass, ex-Utusan Malaysia sports editor Joe Marcose, ex-colleague Satwant Singh Dhaliwal and ex-NST sportswriter Christopher Raj - have posted their thoughts on their respective blogs.

TonyM thinks Kismas could have been better organised here. Chris says why bother when we clearly lack the culture for sports here. Satwant attends the convention, hence his take here. Also read Joe Marcose's report here. Sports, perhaps, needs the kiss of life.

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SAM said...

SATWANT was there canvasing for job la not to cover the EVENT, ask him to close his blog. Whats the point having blog that cannot be commented on. Tell Tony to write shorter, same old style dekat Malay Mail, panjang nak mampus, and ask Christopher to find out whats happening in Selangor FA. Juicy stuff is happening. As for loose cannon, I am waiting for the EPL pull out ... All the best Bro .. Loose Cannon Rock