Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chan on Chan

Former athlete Prof Chan Onn Leng. The name does not ring a bell? Prof who, you might ask? A former Asian Games silver medallist and founding member of Cobra, Prof Chan Onn Leng died in an automobile accident in 1984. Twenty-five years after his father's demise, Chan Chih Min decided to pay tribute to his father. Read Tribute to Chan Onn Leng. Thanks Chua Hong Tam for alerting me to the website.

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Chua Hong Tam said...

Chan Chih Min has given a mirror site as there are some problems in accessing the orginal site from Malaysia. His email to me:

Dear Hong Tam,

Try the mirror site:

A few in Malaysia have problems
accessing so I put up this mirror site. Kindly forward the mirror site's URL to others.

Thank you and very best regards,
Chih Min