Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perspektif Kita, from my perspective...

He's no Aquilani lah

Host Dino or Syed Farradino Syed Omar

When loose cannon was invited by Astro Awani to appear on Perspektif Kita two months ago, the topic was Mengasah Jaguh Sukan or Nurturing Sporting Talent, with an event manager, a couple, a gymnastics coach, a government official and a blogger representing a cross-section of the fraternity.

Former Business Times journo, Adlin Murtadza Zabri

Venu Gopal, whose son attends the UKRC football academy

Jefri Ngadirin, National Sports Council director of the junior/back up division

Loose cannon is not managing the finances of pensioners

Thanks Zarina and Dzul from Awani. I did not touch on football and FAM but what I did highlight was the fact our kids in general are not given the proper basic teaching by master coaches during their formative years, that despite having the Cabinet Committee on Sports Development, there seems to be a lack of co-ordination among the relevant agencies and stakeholders and perhaps we should consider having sports schools that cater for kids Under-13.

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Anonymous said...

venu gopal used to manage the successful bsn hockey team.

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