Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aug 15 - EPL v FAM

Aug 15 marks the official kick off of the English Premiership. So happens the 2009/2010 season's opening day of our former colonial masters' best ever product co-incide with the day the FA of Malaysia is supposed to meet to decide on the new league structure.

I've appeared on TV, saying and hoping the FAM would opt for meritocracy and restrict the top-tier to teams that meet the requirements, regardless of their status. Separating the clubs and putting them in one league, away from the State teams is not the answer.

If the State-based sentiments are being used as an excuse, an idea we should explore is for the existing clubs to merge with the State teams, for example Johor FC, since they are financially backed by Johor Corp, to be absorbed into Johor or Plus to sponsor Kuala Lumpur. Read S.S. Dhaliwal's take here. My fellow blogger also broke the story FAM's head of international department, E.R. Subramaniam, has quit the national body to join FIFpro. Read here.What's FIFpro? Read jaihomalaysia's FIFpro signs MoU with AFF.


mr objective said...

I am glad you talked about meritocracy because we need to practise it in all walks of our lives. If meritrocracy was applied Subra would have been the assistant Gen Sec after Saifuddin left. But the Malay exco members wanted that ineffective, lazy Fuad. AT the end there was a compromise and they decided on 2 assistants -- subra and fuad. Realy guys, enough of this Malay dominance in everything. Sports is supposed to be a level-playing field, and the mediocre Malays are just ruining it. The FAM has now become the Football Association of Malays, just like SAM, Sportswriters Association of Malays.

Anonymous said...

Thank God he has left FAM. We certainly dont need someone who lies about his coaching qualification (UEFA A license ?) to replace the very capable Saudara Saifuddin.

teachuhman said...

hallo mr Objective

Don't make everything a racial issue.
Inefficiency has no colour or creed.
The same goes for excellence.
Just call a spade a spade
Whack the nail on its head

Tell you the truth,in actual fact, I think one draw back for the development of sports in malaysia is that a lot of people are paranoid and believe that everything has racial undertones.

lets just stop talking about race and just see sports, sportsmen, sportswomen, sports people, sports industry just plain sports for what sports is and nothing more than sports.