Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reality TV to tap talent

KidSoccer and Cari Jaguh for badminton - these are the two reality TV shows being lined-up to satiate our thirst in tapping talent at grassroot level. The Sports Ministry and Media Prima are currently on the negotiating table to have the two programs shown by October.

I was a member of the panel of judges tasked to pick the best player in each position for Tv3's SoccerKids program last year. Read here and one of those who shone on that day was R. Dhaanushan who also participated in TV2's recent series, SoccerStars, which offered a brief attachment at Chelsea for the winner of the grand prize. Read about Dhaanushan here.


Anonymous said...

Tap talent for what! After reality show, what happens to the talent. Its good for TV only and kasi buda-budak punya kepala jadi lagi Besar.Just like Danushan, thinks he's a star (even his under 14 coach complains).

Talents should be discovered,nurtured and guided throughout their formative years.Reality shows, let us just leave it to the jokers & people who have no clue about sports development for their home entertainment.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.17 pm.

at least the private sector doing their part to promote the sport brader. So what your sumbangan?? jangan asyik kutuk orang tapi sendiri pun tak buat apa?? ada anak?? anak main apa?? masuk persatuan?? persatuan you buat apa?? ada duduk di taman perumahan?? ada main sukan?? ada organize sukan???

memang bebal said...

yer la..the sports ministry then can then tell the whole wide world what a fantastic job they did.

semua pun sama jer la!

Anonymous said...

Reality shows makes millions for the producers...talent wasted. Whose smart idea anyway?

If talent show is the way to go please ask all sports associations to close and similarly the OCM too.

Development of the sports is the responsibility of the sports associations concerned and not any talent shows.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

What do you know about people contribution? People like me do need publicity for our contribution.

Sit back and enjoy your reality show cause you are not aware of the reality of the sports world. Please read the other 2 comments. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha everyone so passionate about the sports yet dont want to listen other view and ignore other contribution. macam mana nak maju

Anonymous said...

Soory, second line should read as "people like me don't need publicity for our contribution.


Anonymous said...

News has it that a meeting was held with the 2 NSAs involved, and that one of them was against this project, deemed as a money-making agenda at the expense of unsuspecting parents and their children.

bnair said...

The kids got talent, just like Messi, Ronaldho, Torres or like many others, but the question is talent to be natured right from formative age to competitive age, where are the Nation wide leagues in villagers, towns and cities for the age groups, The only league format is the The PJ under 11 league called the sultan Ahmad Shah Cup run by a private company. There is no sponsors at all and 24 teams are taking part in that league, You can see that may of the kids got real talent but after this league , where to go, no U-13 league, No Under 15 league and so on. What i think seriously about Malaysia is that we want to be world beaters without proper structure to educate the young players through trainings and competitions. Young players love to play and compete to keep their desire burning to reach the highest Level. The key word is continuity in Training and competition the whole year through,
B.Satiananthan -Former National Coach
Ps.Take a look at the National under 11 league and watch the boys play on Saturdays and sundays. ada class man