Monday, June 1, 2009

The need for a succession plan

Anak Malaysia (left) and loose cannon

Thong Poh Nyen served as secretary from 1961 to 1992

For many years I've posed Datuk Sieh Kok Chi the question of who is his anointed successor, and why has he not identify someone for him to groom to fill his big shoes.

The VI old boy, an engineer by profession, said when he became the OCM secretary in 1992, it was because he had familiarised himself with the way things were being done by Thong Poh Nyen, his predecessor who had headed the OCM secretariat for a record 31 years. In short he had the initiative to learn the ropes.

There were several names bandied about as potential OCM honorary secretary over the years, such as Low Beng Choo, Wong Ah Jit, Phua Tai Neng, T. Kumar and Ganga Rao. On Saturday though, shortly after the delegates voted in virtually the 2007-2009 line-up to run OCM for the next two years, Kok Chi responded to my question that among the names he had in mind was Datuk Naim Mohamad, MNCF deputy president. Naim calls himself anak malaysia in his blog I was told he played a role in campaigning for the status quo and the secretary's post could be the reward come 2011.

"Even you, Rizal, you can come in and I can be your mentor," Kok Chi said.

While Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar claimed the OCM Cabinet were reflective of the 1Malaysia concept, it's timely for them to start scouting for talent among the younger set of officials among the NSAs who can one day occupy the seats at OCM just as the NSAs are pressured to keep on unearthing sporting talent.

Note: Though I'm all for freedom of expression, I notice some of the commenters resort to making derogatory remarks about certain individuals in OCM, some of whom have built a reputation locally and abroad and held in high esteem by the sporting circle. While I wish to encourage dissent and debate, it would be nice if everybody could kindly refrain from labelling others and instead put forward our arguments, thoughts or inside stories in a mature and intelligent manner. Comments that are in derogatory and defamatory in nature will be deleted. Sure sportsmen and sports officials are expected to practise sportsmanship and highly tolerant of criticisms but some of us do not deserved to be rubbished and their reputation tarnished just because of the OCM elections. Thank you.


Anak Malaysia said...

Wow, what a big surprise! For whatever it is worth, I am honoured and delighted that somewhere in the sporting circle my name is mentioned. But honestly for now and the next three years, I just want to deliver the first cycling GOLD for Malaysia in the London Olympics come 2012. Adios and sayonara. Naim.

vincent ho said...

Yes, the most anticipated sports election is over and let us join our hands in bringing up the sports in Malaysia a notch higher than today.

Let us close our ranks for the benefit of the athletes and their sports association/federation. Train up young thinking and proactive sports managers and administrators.

For a better sports year and Olympic Gold.

OLDMAN said...

Sieh had the benefit of working with Toh before ultimately taking over as the Secretary of OCM. Its a good suggestion that the OCM Secretary now looks at at individuals not necessarily 1 but maybe 2 or 3 sports officials whom he thinks could positively contribute to OCM and its affiliates in the future.

Sieh can be around for another couple of terms if he could still manage considering his age. However, I am of the opinion, if he decides to call it a day, he shouldn't just abandon ship. He should be around to guide the new Secretary in going about his/her function as the Secretary.

Why cant the OCM create a secretariat in OCM wherein they would have advisors and young 'assistants' who can contribute to the functions of the secretary. Sieh should be able to delegate his function to the Assistant Secretary of OCM and the 'special assistants' that OCM can appoint to be attached to the OCM' secretariat.

The creation of a secretariat for special assistants to the Secretary of OCM would certainly ease Sieh's burden and it could be a training ground for 'secretaries to be'

nstman said...

Kok Chi needs a successor. After all he cant live forever, although Sieh might disagree with me. I think the best person to succeed Sieh is the Loose Cannon. He has what it takes to preside over a complex and at times, dumb, organisation which doesnt know where it is heading. the OCM needs direction.

Anonymous said...

Anak Malaysia .. there's somebody else out side there is more capable than you, to be honest. Same goes with Mr. Loose Cannon. Everybody are absolutely right, time for change at OCM esp. with Datuk SKC, who need to name his successor to run the office. Perhaps somebody like Kol (r) Wong Ah Jit..just a humble thought..

TeeKay said...

"ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE" is always the motto among the administrators in most organisations. "We swim or sink together" One would aspect the other to speak in unison. This is good la to show unity and what not. But then again if this attitude is not changed, then on might most likely sink together. As a person bestowed with trust & responsibility, Board Members of OCM must be able to speak their mind and form opinions without fear or favour. After all it would be in the interest of sport.

Its ok la if along the way you step on some peoples feet. But what to do it comes with the job. all Board Members, please agree to disagree.

There should not be a specific time frame for SKC to leave, BUT its important as loose canon said to have a succession plan and for the 'Jedi Master' to identify his 'Padwan'.

Ensure that the Dark Side does not consume your students. May the force be with you SKC.

APEK said...

Wah itu Anak malaysia mahu deliver first olimpik gold medal ka?! wa manyak lespect lu la Latok.

Umo sudah sikit tua pun lagi boleh laju-laju kayuh kah?..wah manyak malu la saya.

Oi lain olang pun patut follo itu Anak malaysia ma..tak kila tua..janji itu semangat mau menang mesti ada ma..

Oi Blader Lizal, itu Latok bila tlaining..ah? wa mau pigi suppot dia tlaining lo.

Go Lato Go..u can Du it!

Anonymous said...

Apalah Apek ni bodoh sangat... Anak Malaysia involve dengan program cycling lah...bengap macam Suka-Suka, bagi komen tak guna otak... macam mana sukan malaysia nak maju.

to anon 2.50, u must be joking. Wong Ah Jit? go to ISN and see how he perform there.? kita tak mahu kaki kipas lah AJ, no need to sell yr own name lah.

APEK said...

fooyoh.. Itu anon 1.48 manyak support anak Malaysia loh.
Tausa malah la kawan.

Wah ini macam kalau takda anak malaysia, Malaysia takboleh menang loh...

Oh itu macam..manyak solly ah kawan kawan

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet Dato Sieh talks of successor, that is a load of bull. Come 2011,he will still hang on to the post. Look, as Sec. Gen. he have lots of power, what about the perks he is enjoying. Jalan everywhere at OCM expenses. All you need is "bodek" him he will be a fantastic friend to you. Step on his toes and you are screwed. Trouble with that man is he is already an icon, he has done good for OCM, but of late he is behaving like GOD. He could not careless about the OCM constitution and to him the Sports Commissioner office is a waste of time. The sad part of this episode is the OCM board are all to scared to reign him in. Look at Taekwando, and you know what I mean. That man must know that OCM should not interfere with the affairs of the National Sports Council. At the rate the Dato is going, OCM might as well disband their members and let Dato teach them how to run their national body. My views Dato Sieh will not go away gracefully and "Loose Cannon" no way will you ever be recommended as Sec Gen in OCM, at least not when he is around. Cakap bukan serupa bikin. Dato if you read this, you know that if you retire you have nothing else better in life to do, so please do not bull shit about 2011.One of the hall mark of a sportsman is honesty, and that is sadly lacking in you.

Anonymous said...

Dato Sieh picking a successor in 2011, over my dead body. Look don't let him fool you, he retires and what is he going to do?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Dato Sieh proudly proclaim to the world that he is not paid a sen in OCM. That is a fact he receive no salary but he did not tell you much about the perks he received that come with the post. Fair enough but just go into his room and look at the pile of papers on his desks,you mean the next person who wants to learn from him have to pick this habit? I believe almost half of the stuff on his table have to be consigned to the library, but no one dare to tell him that. Incidentally he does not have a desk, he just hang around his computer and efficiently reply to emails. That is his passion. Wanna help him, OCM should get him a secretary.

Anonymous said...

Loose Cannon, I suppose just because Dato Sieh is held in high esteem he is immune to criticism? When you open your Blog for comments, it means just that. Even you are beholden by his reputation. The higher or longer you hold office, you must be brave enough to put yourself under the microscope for public scrutiny. Any mention by the Good Dato Sieh that come 2011 he will be calling it a day? Nah nothing of that sort.
What OCM truly require is an ISO audit to be done. There are demarcation of functions, there is the OCM constitution to follow and the Sports Development Act to comply with. Are they being followed? Currently the blight OCM is suffering lies with this one person. No one dares to offend him, I personally feel the description " Loose Canon" is more appropriate to describe Dato Sieh. If you think calling him a "bull shitter" is offensive, then I see no purpose in continuing commenting on your Blog. There is nothing defamatory calling a spade a spade or for that matter a bull shitter a bull shitter.I write not because I hate that man, he has done a lot, but of late he is poking his nose in affairs that does not concern OCM and the worst thing the Board of OCM are closing both eyes to his antics.

Anonymous said...

I usually get goose pimples when someone mentions the Sports Development Act. Lets put SIeh Kok CHi and his whatever antics aside. I wonder the person talking about the Act had actually read thru the 43 sections of the Act.

In the first place, should OCM be bound by the Act. OFF COURSE!! many would say including the learned board members.

Then Anon 11.39 AM the next good question would be have they read the Olympic Charter. How can on ereconcile the spirit of the charter with the crap law we have.

One should teach a thing or two to the SPorts Commissioners office first! Coz they should carry out their function in accordance with the Act first! The thruth is, if they do follow the Act, then there is nothing much to do.

The only fellow who seem to speak his mind among the OCM board members is sieh kok chi. Ok, somebody has to speak up. Believe me you, no one else is bothered. coz its always none of their business or it doesnt benefit them in any way. But i would agree that it is not a good thing to poke into peoples business (if that is so)

The succession plan is definitely needed not just for sieh office but for the whole lot. Its time the OCM members woke up and decide to read the OCM Constitution and amend it. if you know what i mean
Anon 11.39AM. catch up with you soon. take care

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