Thursday, June 11, 2009

MyTeam, whose team...

End of the road for MyTeam? Kesian...Please read here. Shall I take you down memory lane, to May 29, 2006, when YB Khairy Jamaluddin made the phone call to the NSTP top bosses for allowing Rizal Hashim so much space in criticising MyTeam the reality show and the team? Well, credit to the bosses then for they simply laughed it off...If I'm not mistaken the major complaint was the heading lah...and I would not be surprised if at that time they questioned my audacity to write negatively on an event attended by Pak Lah...I know as the Prime Minister, Pak Lah had never been to an international football match before.

Sorry lah, crumpled...

As usual these itchy fingers of mine had to hog the keyboard to express my reservations when something new is introduced as a vehicle to promote one or two individuals. Granted the reality show succeeded in stirring some interest into football, with everybody at the mamak stalls being seduced by the idea of a bunch of wannabes beating the players developed by FA of Malaysia (in reality the players are all products of the States and clubs) and the trials of which speed was the main criterion, drew large crowds everywhere but in the end, the players selected for the reality show were those who failed to impress the M-League selectors or scouts!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Study the idea behind MyTeam's formation and I believe its noble intention was not only to create a larger pool of talent but its raison d'etre was to promote Khairy, with the full might of TV3 and Telekom Malaysia, of which I have been a user/customer since the days when one had only six numbers to dial (so I must have say...), behind it. Not forgetting Kalimullah Hassan's New Straits Times...oh you should see the depths Harian Metro would go to just to please the Prime Minister's son-in-law! FAM had to give in and allow the exhibition match to take place while MyTeam even went to Old Trafford to polish their shooting boots and gain some pointers on how to beat the Malaysian side.

Now tell me how many from the team really made the cut? If MyTeam had real faith in the concept, why did the management take over the UPB Plantations side and employ established players to play in the Premier League and the following season, the Super League?

The harsh reality is staring at our face - our football structure and the following/fan base are State-based. It's hard to see Kelantanese supporting Kelantan TNB when the better option is to go and watch the Kelantan State team!

When Selangor MPPJ reigned supreme with marksman extraordinaire Juan Manuel Arostegui demolishing all and sundry in 2003, was the PJ Stadium packed to the brim?

So for all future sons or sons-in-law of whoever our Prime Minister is, if you are interested in forming a football team kononnya untuk mengubah wajah bola sepak Malaysia, bacalah dulu sejarah dan lanskap bola sepak tempatan...kalau tidakpun, tanyalah pakar-pakar! Above all, respect people and accept criticism once you enter the world of sports!


Anonymous said...

well said, by the future Malay Mail Sports Editor. when will u go back?

uknowmela! said...

told u bro.....kj s@$#ks!

Anonymous said...

At least with MYTEAM, Pak Lah came to the stadium to watch futbal. Same goes with Ex Ms Minister (siap cium tangan lagi...) Current PM can be said as Sports Fan but will he spend his time to watch any local matches? He ain't got time dudes!!! The 1st year coach also very very dissapointing figure head. That's Keluang-Man anyway..cakap je pandai..

merang said...

kritikkan yang bagus..
nice to read zal

merang said...

that the problem..
orang nak main bola, dia pun nak main bola.
sorry to say... perak jenderata dulu main bagus dlm premier league but because myteam also nak main dalam liga malaysia, lastly all management & player perak jenderata kena drop.

dulu ramai player keturunan india yg main dlm team ni...dia org pun training kat ladang nova scatia kat teluk intan tu.

dulu ada beberapa nama spt azmir nur hakim borhan, farouk yahya (johor) yang sempat main dlm team ni. tapi lately kena drop nk bagi laluan kepada bintang2 myteam ni.

just looking 2 tahun kebelakangan pun, semua nama-nama yg 'lahir' daripada reality programme dah entah kemana.

lepas tu beli beberapa bintang example kharunissam, irwan fadly idrus, syed adney, haris safuan kamal and others.
tapi takde improvement jugak team ni.
sure lepas ni all the player right now looking for a new team but for sure not right now because super leageu masih berlangsung.

sorry to say My team is not a MY TEAM but my team is a Kelantan Darul Naim.

cucumela! said...

Rizal; harap-harap semua dah belajar lah, dah kenal lah siapa dia yang sebenar nya. Puas dulu di FAM menepis My Team nak lawan National team, sampai Dato Peter AFC pun terkejut bila FAM benarkan pertunjukan tu. Pas tu ramai yang bergayut kat pengasas nya, yang tak tau tentang bolasepak pun boleh jadi penasihat nya, ha rasa lah sekarang.. penaja dah lari. takut-takut nanti penaja FAM yang ada sekarang ni pun akan lari pasni, sebab Pengerusi MSL kan orang yang sama, siap lah FAM, gurkha-gurkha pemburu penaja nampak nya lesu je, nak jelas tentang ROI terkebel-kebel. Penaja yang ada tupun majoritinya sambungan dari pengerusi yang lama, mana ada yang baru, tu lah, kalau tak reti tu guna lah orang yang pakar, tapi tu lah kalau dah "nawaitu" nya lain nak buat camana. Dah tu tak reti pulak nak "above all, respect people and accept criticism...." muka tak malu...rosak semua

Anonymous said...

no honey.

for the game. for the world.

Anonymous said...

Rizal, at least some ppl try, unlike u justa bloody cynic with stupid old photos on his blog.