Saturday, June 13, 2009

From Wisma OCM to the IOC

Now that the dust of the elections has settled, Olympic Council of Malaysia's chiefs Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar, Datuk Abdullah Sani Karim and Low Beng Choo depart for Lausanne today to lobby for their non-Olympic sports to be included in the 2016 Games.

Tunku Imran and Sani will be lobbying for squash, whereas Beng Choo is garnering support for softball to be reinstated.

Softball is competing not only against squash but also baseball, golf, karate, roller sports and rugby sevens for a maximum of two spots on the 2016 Games program. The IOC fat cats, however, can choose to deny entry to all seven. The Executive Board will create a two-sport shortlist in August before it goes to a full member vote in Copenhagen in October.

In 2005 squash received the highest number of votes among new sports (softball was seeking reinstatement) but failed to receive the minimum required to be added to the program.

Golf, with Europe Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie leading its bid, and rugby sevens, are widely seen as the two front-runners.

Lobbyists for squash claim cost-effective venues also play a part. Squash's ability to use minimal space and infrastructure is certainly an advantage and the thought of a glasscourt being placed in a location in one of the winning 2016 bid cities - Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo - is appealing. If that happens, Nicol David stands the brightest chance of becoming the country's first Olympic gold medallist!

Oh, by the way, OCM secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi may have landed himself into trouble after launching a scathing attack on the losers in the recent elections.

In his weekly report, Kok Chi said the fact that the incumbent office bearers and Sani Karim were returned, was based on their good track records, honesty, integrity and dedication. On the other hand, the candidates who challenged the incumbents, were incompatible to their call for change, as almost all the candidates who challenged the incumbents have served and held high and senior positions in sports organizations, but have failed to contribute any or minimum benefits to sports development or the organizations they served.

Does that mean hockey's M.P. Haridas and fencing's Latifah Ya'cob had done nothing to contribute to their respective sports?


nstman said...

With due respect to Imran, Low Beng Choo, esoteric sports should remain as such. Squash, softball, hard ball, no-balls, or whatever, have no place in the hallowed fields of the Olympics. Nobody watches these sports. In fact, I wouldnt pay to even watch these sports. By the way, cricket is included, because it is a sport played by 22 fools and watched by a few thousand nuts.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the 4 top guns of ocm went out their way to ask for last minute votes from some NSA on behalf of some incumbents...and of course we do know the result of the day.

If they (the incumbents)are that good, why do they need others to get for them the votes (I have to asked MACC to really come in on this, as I do smell money politics here...value in kind), promises of sponsorships and etc.

The integrity of those who sits at the present ocm line-up is more in jeopardy than those who challenges them.

This is the 1st time the winning side takes pot-shots at the losing end. Are they (winners) hiding something sinister that they doesnt want anyone to know?

The recent ocm election is slowly becoming like any political elections... its a shame that those who work sincerely for sports are still being called names and denied their contributions.

I called on all those who are defame by recent attack to sue the guilty for the evil and injustices that has been done to you. Bring back the pride and honor in the service for the sport.

Arivalagan Ponniah said...

The OCM reps were suppose to throw support to karate and squash. what business does beng choo have supporting softball. This is the problem when one looks after her own interest.

At least we know that karate and squash has a better chance of winning medals at the world level.

There should not be automatic position as VP for anyone. No special VP position for woman. If no woman elected then at least 2 should be appointed to the board. This is a convenient way for beng choo to become VP. Easy what just make sure no woman is trained or becomes popular in OCM.

This has to stop. calling all NSA's to propose for amendment to OCM's constitution ASAP.

Also, make sure beng choo is answerable for supporting softball.

badigol said...

betui kan?

Anonymous said...

Kok Chi can get way with it. he wrote in on official document, send to IOC and OCA and all others. he knows the president is stupid and the rest are useless. the nsa's must start thinking.

Anonymous said...

bang rizal,
kami orang netball rasa malu dengan apa yag terjadi masa pemilihan ocm. dengar cerita boss kami, YB Soraya janji mahu sokong Ibrahim Saad tapi apabila dijanji jersi dan bola oleh seorang bernam George dan janji jawatan oleh Kok Chi, dia berubah dan sokong yg lain. siapa dia sokong terserah tapi janganlah sampai murah sangat. kalau di politik dia boleh dibeli janganlah bawa ke sukan.

Anonymous said...

problems coming to ocm. one vp to resign soon.

aku ler... said...

ha.. ha..
now you know...

Anonymous said...

Jangan2 dua slot wanita yang ocm katakan baru2 ini utk memenuhi 20% IOC ialah untuk netball dan ketua panel bebas pilihanraya ocm baru2 ini.

Anonymous said...

bro, u aje yang nak backing haridass and latifah... ada apa2 ke or u dah dibutakan mata?

Anonymous said...

bro....nampaknya kenyatan merah anda telah membawa parah bahawa dinampaknya penyokong kepada MP Haridas dan Latifah Yacob dan adalah bias kepada OCM. Adakah ia sebegitu?

Anonymous said...

The Sec Gen of course will get way with it. What is he doing in Lausanne with Tunku Imran and Beng Choo there. Holiday la, waste funds and yet he proclaim that he does not take a salary and claim no parking allowances. Dei! it is free for you la. I agree the OCM board all bolih pegi tidor.

Anonymous said...

Dato Sieh Kok Chi thinks and would like top compare himself to Major General Charouck Arirachakaran. Those who know Charouck , he is the Vice President and Sec Gen of Olympic Council Thailand. This man have a reputation of being fair and never interferes into the problems of the Thai NSA. He will lend advice to those who approaches him, but he never interferes. Unlike our Dato Sieh Kok Chi, he never learns he will tell the NSA what he thinks is fair. In Sieh Kok Chi's case he shoot first and ask later. He will not hesitate to defame anyone that gets into his way.Not Charouck, he hears both side. Sieh Kok Chi cannot even come close to him.

Anonymous said...

The comments posted at 8.01 by Arivalagam on June 13, are very interesting and pose a lot of questions:

1. "OCM reps were supposed to throw their support to karate and squash," says Ari.

Who decided on this? the OCM? when? From what I hear, the national karate association casually inquired something to this effect at the last Council meeting, and the OCM President said that OCM was not going to support ANY particular sport,whatever the reason.It seems Karate was happy with that!

Otherwise the Karate Ass would have made a more formal and serious request to OCM. Was it done? Okay, maybe it was. Anyway,
the Hon Sec did not put any such
thing on the Agenda of the OCM Board meeting held just 2 days before Tunku and Beng Choo left for Lausanne. And from what I hear
OCM did not discuss karate or squash. Beng Choo was not asked to lobby for karate by either the OCM or the Karate Ass. Without any such request or mandate from OCM or the Ass. do you think Beng Choo has the right to lobby for karate?

However,as member of the IOC WOMAN AND SPORT committee, I hear Beng Choo tried to push for women's events in karate,.. that's more than what can be said for the karate ass or the OCM.

2. "...what business has Beng Choo
supporting softball?"

Beng Choo happens to be the President of the Softball Ass Of Malaysia, Sec Gen of Asian Softball and Dy Sec Gen of the International Softball Association. The ISF has also co-opted her into their lobby team as their PRESENTER. [Funny how international bodies recognise Malaysians when our own people are trying to get rid of them.Perhaps they are afraid. And only if these people are kept away can the one-eyed continue to enjoy the perks and privileges without question.]

3. Who paid for Beng Choo's flight to Lausanne, her accomodation, her food, etc? OCM? Karate Ass? No way!
The ISF did...the whole bill! So who is she supposed to lobby for?

4. I hear that Tunku was paid his expenses by the International Squash Rackets Ass. to lobby for squash (together with Nicol David)
I don't know if Dato Sani went, coz someone said that he saw ato Sani in town around that time. f he did I believe he would have been sponsored by ISRF. Any different from Beng Choo's actions?

5. And anyway,Karate should not worry too much about Beng Choo's
lobby. There were three other high
profile OCM officials in Lausanne at that time. OCM PAID FOR THEIR TRIP.They were a distinguished VP,
the Hon Sec himself and his trusted assistant. They now say that they went to present the report on the Sport for All Congress thqt happened one year ago! Can you imagine the OCM paying
for three to present an old report lasting perhaps a few minutes.Why? One to present and two to applaud?

But knowing the track-records, the integrity,the dedication, etc that saw them re-elected,I am sure that
they used their time to lobby for karate (and perhaps squash). They sure had the time, they enjoy a high profile,they have a lot of IOC and IF friends,and they have great influence.If they had lobbied Karate needn't worry! You have a good chance.

6."No automatic VP position for women"

Of course there is no automatic or special position for women or anyone else for that matter. Beng Choo became woman VP because no one else contested.She was returned unopposed, just like the President, the Sec Gen, the Treasurer,etc.For this we do not have to change the Constitution.Just get people to contest. Hopefully there will be contests for every post!True sportsmen should welcome contests whether they are incumbents or challengers.

7. I know that Ari is passionate and dedicated where karate is concerned. There are many other young people like him.I wonder if these young people's emotions are being cleverly manipulated by wily old men with cleverly constructed half truths.There are a few such people around.Be wary of them. Their agendas are selfish their motivation is personal gain!

Anonymous said...

bro haridas kahkahkah that is what he did for hockey kahkahkah.