Friday, June 12, 2009

GM Mike

Former national defender Maninderjit Singh, known as Mike within the hockey circles, is poised to be made the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) general manager, according to S.S Dhaliwal here. Earlier this week, Mike made available to the Press his thoughts on Asian hockey and its standing in the eyes of the world. To understand Mike's psyche, read Gandhi's blog here.


nstman said...

You can put Mike, Mark, or even God, and I can bet you nothing will change. The only thing constant is that Malaysian hockey will be stuck in the doldrums. That is a fact. Sorry, Mike. Sorry, Mike, dont waste your time. Understand?

Anonymous said...

Abang Rizal

Semoga Mike dilantik dengan segara untuk meningkatkan PHM.

Beliau adalah seorang yang berwibawa.
Rakan Seperjuangan!!!!

Ex-International said...

Dear Rizal

Mike deserves it.

Is time for MHF to bring former internationals to help them.


Anonymous said...

We are behind you to support you.

Malaysia Boleh and Mike Boleh............

Anonymous said...

What a surprised. Is a good choice and shall turnaround.

Good candidate.

Good Luck and Best Wishes

Your Friend

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Is a good choice. Dont deny it but is the people around him is going to the problem. Unless Mike puts certain conditions and sets up a good team to implement. Or less MHf is not going to move forward.

Player with view

Anonymous said...

Good Luck my friend.

Do it your way and bring changes.

Your friend

from the outside said...

Mark my words and make sure that what is written is done only by him and not a hired hand to give the impression that he is in charge.

I have only one thing to say,Malaysian hockey is at it's crossroads we don't need another fcuk up to happen.

Anonymous said...

Analysis on the system was superb and is something to ponder. All Asia teams must be aware of this uphill battle. FIH is lopsided!

1975 World Cupper