Thursday, March 12, 2009

This cannot be!

Ready for battle, either kick or be kicked out

My favourite Minister Datuk Seri Hajjah Azalina Othman Said under investigation?! Oh, this cannot be.

Am I in dreamland? Read here, here, di sini dan di sini.

But like the rest of my fellow Malaysians, I suspect it's going to be NFA lah, no further action lah. Boleh blah lah. Oops, this is not meant for the Minister, after all she was untouchable to the point of calling my bosses up each time I took a dig at her when I was at the Malay Mail.

The MACC must also dig up the old files at the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Council particularly and investigate how the NSC's reserves shrank from RM300 million in 2005 to almost zero in 2008.

But please don't forget Azalina is a qualified lawyer and taekwondo exponent, if words fail her, she can rely on her slick moves! And remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, hahahahah! And please visit this website here in what I can describe as a weak attempt to defend Azalina. Maybe I know who the administrator is.


org sprm* said...

sure innocent punya lah. sprm ke apa ke...semua kerja nak menyelamatkan org sahaja. so far, yg kena caught 'red-handed' pun lepas juga. x cukup bukti.

bro, rest assured la menteri 'kesayangan' u ni pun lepas. buang masa aje siasat2 ni. sekadar nak sedapkan mata rakyat.

'selamatkan pengamal rasuah malaysia' (sprm)

Anonymous said...

while they are at it, they should investigate her alleged business ties with vellapari anak samy vellu as well. itu open secret tu..


Anonymous said...

So this surely includes the CYC and 2007 Malaysia v MU fiascos ?

Form is temporary...class is permanent.

For the Game. For the World.


I think this is one person who should not have ventured into politics,
I don't know why we have to reward our people by giving them political positions.
I know she can definitely kick butt, however I always wonder if she is being kicked about.
In politics nothing seems to be as they are and the circus never fails to amaze me even way before the days of 'tree politics'.
The dwindling millions and the mind boggling projects with fancy names all needs to be scrutinized.
May the worms be smoked out of their holes in whole.

Worm Hunter
Subang Jaya

Anonymous said...

Mystique is another main culprit who has brought down Malaysia's FIFA ranking.

All that funding and yet Mystique was unable to activate Pendidikan Jasmani.

For the Game. For the World.

izinni said...

When I first heard about this, the very first thing in my mind was YOU! hehehe ...
macam aur dengan tebing gitu ... tak boleh dipisahkan. LOL!

MAN POWER said...


Not every woman is a Nicol Or a Venessa or a Nadia .

Don't mean to be gender bias but just never trusted women in sports management.
Even more skeptical when I see women physiotherapist in the mens' football teams.
I mean why did anyone ever think that a woman could do a man's job.
Yes she wears pants but she just doesn't have the balls

Man Power
Sentul Raya



Bapak-bapak sekalian, kenapa kalian semua sanggup gadaikan maruah nagara dan bangsa pada seorang yang belum tahu cocok dengan tugasnya.
Mantan Menteri sokan itu kan pengamal hukum, masakan dibaginya pigang sama tampok sokan
Bingung kepala gue mikirnya.
Ini perlu dikaji dan diteliti, kenapa kemerosotan yang begitu jelik dan mencemar imej nagara kita yang dicinta ini.
Sila bapak-bapak yang duduk dikerusi hempuk dirumah parlimen atau dimama-mana kantor yang bertanggungjawab halusi perkara ini tanpa dibenarkan sedikit pun ruang untuk dipertikaikan hasil kajian dan keputusannya.
Jangan sampe nak jaga hati saorang nagara dan bangsa tergadai


Anonymous said...

My friend, you must remember this. The last time Nadeswaran brought up the issue of Women's Sports Foundation, Azalina was smart. Her line of defence - "I was there merely to cut the ribbon". The expenses billed to the National Sports Council were apparently approved by someone but not the Minister, it could have been the KSU, the DG or the office boy. So this time if the MACC were to make the abuse of power allegations stick, someone please find the ribbons.

~ desaru ~

Tetuan Teo & Deo said...

As a person who has read law, she probably knows how to get around and go around and beat around the merry go round bush
Correct Correct Correct Correct
When she is brought under the the magnifying glass, you'd probably never see a germ on her
Her hands are clean ..... my lord
This is pure fabrication, baseless accusations, without a hair of truth and concrete evidence to support the said lord
This is pure hearsay and rumors made out by unscrupulous people out to tarnish my clients good name
my lord....
I move that this case be dismissed,
as the prosecution has failed to prove its case beyond a shadow of doubt.

Thank you my Lord
I rest my case

Tetuan Teo & Deo
Imbi Road

awek manja said...

jangan buang masa nak siasat azalina ni. baik pi siasat orang yang nak sedekah lembu korban ke.... kambeng korban ke...

setakat 100 ribu songlap duit apa sangat la kan... yang Giffted Group hulur masa CYC pun bukan banyak mana sangat pun....

Awek manja

Anonymous said...

CYCs Jonathan Price...has he gone missing or has he gone missing with the money.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

MACC juga sponsor intercontinental yang rizal tu jadi pegawai media. Tu dulu le.

Macam-macam rizal bagi wartawan, masa tu dia jaga betul semua media, apa yang media nak, semua dapat

Tahun ni, tau lagi. Dengar cerita intercon nk main kat terengganu kite. Sebab sana boleh buat banyak duit.

Pegawai media ...... pastikan bukan rizal hashim ....

Boos jadi kuli said...

rizal hashim pon kaki songlap ke? ishhhhh...setahu aku dia bukak bisnes masa final msia cup last year. Dia jual ID card. Lepas tu azzudin terus terajang dia keluar. hahahahahah

jangan mare bro, gurau jer. susah kalau kita ikhlas bekerja tapi boss tak percaya kat kita. macam la kita ni sengkek sgt sampai nak jual ID card. kawawi tu je yang untung...., tadi masyuuuuk sebelum wisel

Gallivanter said...

I concur. The MACC's investigation is about time, especially to investigate her previous dealings with the NSC.

I just hope that the MACC is not another political front.