Sunday, March 22, 2009

Match-fixing in lawn bowls?

Lawn bowls, one may perceive, is played by decent folks. TV3's report for the past two days however suggested unscrupulous elements were beginning to creep into the sport. Read here. As the driving force of the Malaysian Lawn Bowls Association, Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid must act quickly and objectively.


Fowler is God said...

what would sir francis drake say?
does this mean our plan to play in the commonwealth games after we hit 55 is in jeopardy?

xrumble said...

bro, i heard there is something fishy that blossom that certain officer forget abt their prime duty... cinta itu buta

Anonymous said...

macam mana pun TUN kena siasat secara mendalam. Pegawai dia pun ada salah, atlet pun salah juga. Jangan sebab nak jaga nama, siasatan tidak dibuat. TUN we know you're very wise statesman..please do something to elevate Lawn Bowl to higher ground