Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Putting the trust on them

Datuk Syed Moheeb Syed Kamarulzaman and Datuk Dr Khaw Lake Tee

In them the Olympic Council of Malaysia trust!
Read here. Certainly its one way of making sure the money is not siphoned off once the present office-bearers are no longer holding any position in the umbrella body.


Anonymous said...

Syabas OCM for setting up this TRUST for the athletes. I am glad Dato Sieh is not in the Team.No point putting someone is on the way out.

si Jebat said...

Betul ka si Siehkochi nak bersara dari OCM? Kalau betul, Bang Rizal yeah! yeah! ini hadiah Raya yng awal!

Fren of OCM said...

No disrespect to Anon 3:23 and si Jebat. Under OCM constitution there is no age limit for any Board Member to resign or go on pension.
As for the YBhg Dato Sieh Kok Chi, he is still needed to run OCM and he is doing a very good job. As Sec Gen of OCM the Board depends very much on him to run OCM, Tunku Imran without him cannot run OCM.
Dato Sieh may have made some mistakes and get personal here and there a bit, but look at the bigger picture, we can sacrifice some sports but we cannot sacrifice Dato Sieh Kok Chi.
In OCM Board all the rest are yes man and they are there because of Sieh KOK Chi.

Mr. Olympism said...

With mentality like Fren of OCM, now you know why Malaysian sports are in the doldrums. A board that does not work, a Sec Gen that have absolute powers. No check and balances.
As to the Trust and disbursement of monies, surely it will be at the advice of the SEC Gen.
I agree that Dato Sieh will not step down.

Fren of OCM said...

Let's not digress, no one should take away the credit OCM has done for accummulating so much wealth and using part of the proceed for Sports.
All this is the effort of Dato Sieh Kok Chi.
Certainly he have a right to say how it is being used over the rest of the Board members.
Malaysian sports are not that hot or great, let them prove themselves deserving for grant before they are given the money. Some sport bodies think it is their God given right to receive fundings.
I think you know the sport body that owes OCM money thinks that what is owed ought to be waived by OCM. OCM can advance money , but they will not pay for you. Be grateful that they do not change interest.