Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meeting Shalin and Azlan

Akbar Sahari, Azlan Iskandar, Shalin Zulkifli and loose cannon

Sometime in 1994, loose cannon was told by his then Sports Editor Zian Johari to interview Shalin Zulkifli on whether or not she was disappointed in missing out on the National Sportswoman of the Year award...the story hit the backpage. Shalin was then a 16-year old highly dependant on her parents. Puan Rohani Razak was attached to TV3 at Jalan Liku, just behind the NSTP building.

Last week's Kafe Sukan was a refreshing change. London-based Azlan and Shalin spoke about the challenges of being professionals.

"We have to do everything by ourselves - from booking plane tickets to arranging accommodation. The guys in the elite programme have it good."


Azmi said...

Dear Rizal,

Something off tangent here... Are you wearing the Hiroshima Games jersey? Mana nak cari skarang? Anywhere I can get it in the market?

Who wore number 4 at the Games?

Thanks Rizal..

Anonymous said...

Azlan in the elite program la.. He has a grant from NSC which he manages himself. Otherwise, everything can be done for him.

Dirt con said...

That should be the case...all our elite athletes that have won lucrative prize money should act as professionals. Then they will really appreciate and value the of assistance that the government have given.

rizal hashim said...

Azmi,jersey worn by national team in Chiangmai SEA Games 1995. No 4 belonged to my better known namesake - Rizal Sukiman. Sorry bro, this rare collection mana ada jual woooo....