Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free consultancy for FAM

Leadership - a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to aim and achieve a common goal.

Goal. Aha, everyone knows what a goal is. The French call it but..

By now virtually everyone has spoken on the recent FAM line-up. I hope the leaders are able to lead...

So what next?

First and foremost, FAM should come up with a vision and mission statement. Give it a name, Vision Malaysia, Visi Malaysia, or Wawasan Bola Sepak Kebangsaan. Sell the idea to the rakyat.

I was impressed with Tengku Mahkota's speech when the Super League was launched in 2003. The plan was for every team to have a place to call home and the necessary eco-system conducive for success. Simple things like a medical doctor and a physiotherapist attached to the team, team bus and proper office. In short, a fully professional set-up...

Seven years on, KAFA and FAS do not have a place to call home!

I've grown tired writing about what we should do, like introduce U11 and U12 League competitions for junior schools at district level, ensure teachers handling grassroots activities and teams have adequate knowledge and coaching qualifications bla bla bla.

The immediate concern to me is the national team with an average age of 23. Coach K. Rajagobal has made the likes of Aidil Zafuan and Zaquan Adha, Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, Safiq Rahim and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha the nucleus of his squad. That means in theory they should hit peak form in seven years.

Why don't FAM convince the GLCs to support the various national teams?

Imagine Sime Darby taking charge of the national senior team in terms of salaries and training overseas. In return the Sime Darby branding will be visible on the team's training kit, backdrop of every Press conference and interviews involving personnel.

TM, instead of pouring money into Manchester United's coffers, can sponsor Harimau Muda A and B. Or TNB, or Petronas...

Khairy Jamaluddin envisioned the idea of a sponsor for the various competitions, like TM for Super League, McDonalds for the Premier League and etc etc. We should also explore the idea for the various national teams!
Consultants would charge a king's ransom for this piece of advice. For the love of the game, loose cannon is doing it for free!


Azmi said...

Dear Rizal,

Thank you for the "free advice".

In reference to your comments on GLCs; and I quote - "Why don't FAM convince the GLCs to support the various national teams?" - the question to be posed to FAM by the GLCs is why should we support/sponsor your teams?

Let us have a case study: England and it's sponsors Nationwide. Prior to the 2010 WC, Nationwide had tabled a 5 million pound a year contract to the FA. Greed being what it is and having stars in their eyes... the suits at the FA decided to KIV the matter until after "winning the WC" so as to be able to negotiate a better deal. Hahaha... As of 1.8.2010, England are without a major sponsor.Please refer to for more on this.

Relating the above incident to our own GLCs, it has to be said that a corporation would only want to be linked to winners, champions, athletes of repute. CIMB with Nicol David, Gillette with Henry, Beckham (I would have included Tiger but his contract wasn't renewed either after the mess he got himself into).

Success garners hanger-ons. In terms of our football team, a "measly gold" at the SEA Games(in the looses sense of the term as I am proud of their achievement) would not be good enough for any quality hanger-ons.

In support of FAM (a first I think in any of my comments in your blog), it has to be said that until continuous success is achieved, money will be hard to come-by. FAM has to make to with what they have. Unfortunately, beggars cannot be choosers.

Just for fun let us have a look at some of Spain's sponsors:

Banesto Bank - 80 million Euros
Chevrolet - undisclosed

But for France, according to reuters, Carrefour and a few other sponsors have distanced themselves from the national team.

I'm sure you get what I mean.

Take care, and a happy belated birthday to you sir.

Anonymous said...

FAM is not about football, its about the President and the people that surrounds him.

The fish always rot from the head first.

Any sports should be run by people with the sport as their own personal interest.

As long as you have the wrong person sitting in the right position, the outcome is always wrong.

And where is FAM's development program?

Anonymous said...

FAS do not have a place to call home!

What do you mean by this?

ali_delova said...

FAS do not have a place to call home!

What do you mean by this..?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha LC, easy said than done... If you're so great why did u 'cabut lari' when you're in FAM..

U know you're good at 'writing' than 'doing. Hehehehehe.

Maybe if any of the FAM officials reads this posting, please offer LC a position in FAM.

Anonymous said...

Dear LC, I totally agree with your definition for "Leader" but unfortunately there could a better leader in FAM.

He's suppose to be influencing others, but what is truly happening is the otherwise.

And LC, my word of advice don't go to FAM lah, just keep your blog updated with interesting articles.
Look at FAM & MSL site, the updates could be whole lot better considering the amount of staff they have. They could easily hire an outsider to update the websites with timely news and results rather than just copy & paste articles.

For example the Malaysia vs S.Korea game, there's no more than 5,000 people in the stadium but in the FAM website it states 30,000.
Later i found out its the same article posted in the Bernama website.

Embarrassing lah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

Bukan sahaja FAS tidak ada "rumah sendiri" malahan mereka juga sudah tiada Liga Tempatan lagi!

Ke mana perginya Liga Selangor yang dikagumi pada era sebelum tahun 1990an dahulu?

Yang ada kononya dipanggil Liga Selangor tidak lebih daripada Liga Rekreasi Pagi Ahad.

Kenapa perkara sebegini boleh berlaku dalam masa 15 tahun yang kebelakangan ini? Boleh kita tanya siapakah Setiausaha Agung FAS dalam era ini?

Majulah Bolasepak Malaysia!

-Road 10 Rangers-