Friday, June 20, 2008

Yellow and Green, Yellow and Red

It's the FA Cup final tomorrow and I suspect it is going to be an interesting contest.

Newly-crowned Super League champions Kedah boast of a group of hard-working youngsters who place the team's interests above all. In Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, the Canaries possess one of the nation's best dribblers while keeper Helmi Eliza Elias, on current form, is the top custodian. Azraai who represented the country in the 1976 Asian Cup and the 1978 Asian Games, prefers a 4-4-2 formation. Never mind the fact Cornelius Bernard Hugging and Marlon Alex James are away on national duty, the all-local line-up (except for Chilean Nelson San Martin) will be up to the task.

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Will this jubilant scene above be repeated by Azraai Khor Abdullah and his boys or is it pre-ordained that the Red Giants (below) would triumph for the fifth time since the Cup was introduced in 1990?

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Dollah's men are desperate to redeem their pride after a disappointing league campaign and he has been bold in putting his trust in a young defence. If Evans Chisulo has not recovered from his injury, Razman Roslan (or Ghani Abdul Rahman), Nasriq Baharom and Asraruddin Putra Omar are set to be the youngest defensive quartet with an average age of 22. Amirulhadi Zainal who was only five when his father Zainal Nordin lifted the Cup with the Red Giants in 1991, may boss the engine room alongside Shukor Adan, with Indra Putra Mahayuddin or R. Surendren on the left channel and Elie Aiboy on the right flank while Safee Sali and Amri Yahyah forming the frontline.

It is a pity that former Kedah star Akmal Rizal Ahmad Rakhli who has never won a title except for the Premier Two championship medal, is not in Dollah's starting line-up.

Without James and Hugging, Selangor enjoy a headstart.


din beramboi said...

why so colourful la..buat sakit mata la!

BorakBola said...

abang Rizal sudah pandai main HTML....tapi biasala...sudah syok hehehe

pauzi puma said...

did you fail art class in school?? the colour combination is horrible!

Anonymous said...

This final is just perfect for the our national team The Super Tigers.

epain said...

the best fact is...this is the first time both team meet in any main tournament...

KakiBola said...

its proven that the canaries had the x-factors to win the cup. its not the names but the spirits and hunger for success. these are the main criterias i believe the other coaches failed to instill which Azraai did. knowing him so well during my stint in Kedah, he's a disciplinarian which never tolerate little nonsense but still a motivator and good brother to the players. to add to the strength, he has Hj Muhamad Radhi Mat Din who is a great personality and a person whom will be the players idol as a person and a sportsman.
i salute the coaching staffs, the players and the whole technical staffs of the Canaries and wish them the best of luck in the Malaysia Cup and the AFC Cup.

ZACH said...

so bro, Kedah again lift the cup. My home team la. Bagaimanapun saya tak boleh hadir untuk mana-mana perlawanan melibatkan Kedah. Badi. Malam tadi saya dalam perjalanan balik dari Tawau masa perlawanan berlangsung, so kedah menang. Last year saya di Kelantan masa Kedah lawan Perak. Sebab jauh Kedah menang besar.

Dulu masa Kedah lawan Perlis di Bukit Jalil, saya masuk tengok sebab dapat tiket FREE. Kedah kalah. Nasib badan.

Apa-apa pun TAHNIAH skuad negeriku KEDAH DARUL AMAN.

Anonymous said...

Question. What's with the big trophy? bukan big lagi dah, gadang! can't even lift it! what's the point of winning when you can't run around for victory lap with you carrying the coveted trophy above your head?

they stole it from Ice hockey's is it? it's big and ugly and stupid.

bodoh lah.