Friday, June 20, 2008

Cintahoki has opened a can of worms

Read Malay Mail's stunning revelation today




Cintahoki's letters, even if they were written using a nom de plume, may have opened a can of worms.

If the allegations were true, it is indeed scandalous!

But I must wonder why only now NSC director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong is saying something. Why not earlier?


epain said...

bro...tukar color hitam...mcm berkabung utk france je..heheh

anyway...bab hoki ni, kalau tak diselamatkan....alamat tgglah lg 20 tahun utk recover...

Ashamed to be ex-NST said...

looks like sarjit's pals are trying to spin the story... see the last five paragraphs ... what bullsh*tlah.
It is more and more obvious nst will try to cover up story but the question is, why?

THE team and the country are still far from ready to host the Junior Hockey World Cup next year.
Malaysia will co-host the tournament with Singapore on June 7-21, with 20 teams battling for the title.

"No, we have not held any meeting on the Junior World Cup yet, and we have also yet to plan for the venue," said Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) president Tan Sri Admiral (Rtd) Anwar Mohamed Nor yesterday.

Johor will host 10 teams, while Singapore the other 10, but work has yet to start on the planned stadium.

There is only one pitch in Johor Baru, and it is learnt that it has been taken over for development purposes.
"We will hold a meeting soon, and then the picture will be clearer," said Anwar.

And the Juniors, who played in a Four-Nation in Poland last week, are still a shaky side.

They lost 4-3 against Austria and 2-1 to Poland, before beating France 6-0 in the final pool match.

But in the third-fourth placing match, against France again, the juniors struggled and could only win 3-2, and that too off a golden goal.

After Poland, the team left for Germany where they will play three friendlies, and then head for Belgium for more friendlies.

The Tour is in preparation for the Junior Asia Cup in India next month, which is also the Junior World Cup qualifier. Malaysia and Singapore will only make up the numbers as both have qualified as hosts.

Meanwhile, the only item on the agenda for MHF's management committee meeting on Monday will be the poor performance in recent tournaments.

MHF secretary Sgt Hashim Yusoff said yesterday: "The meeting will discuss in detail what went wrong in the Japan Olympic Qualifier, and it will then be presented to the council."

When asked of a report which appeared in an English daily yesterday which said the players were not motivated because they were facing financial and other problems with their coaches, Hashim said it was not on the agenda.

"If any quarter has proof of misconduct by the players and coaches which led to our poor performance in Japan, I urge them to hand it to us and not make wild and baseless allegations.

"Since no proof has been forwarded to me until today (yesterday), I will not put it on the agenda."

Cinta Hoki 2 said...

lagi lagi nst reporter backing mhf, what's going on rizal?
Boss lama and paper lama (bukan suratkhabar lama) rizal in troubleke?

MHF lodges report on allegations

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) yesterday lodged a police report on allegations by an English daily that their players are involved in match fixing, and other illegal activities.
The report was lodged by MHF secretary Sgt Hashim Yusoff after receiving instructions from MHF president Tan Sri Admiral (Rtd) Anwar Mohamed Nor and MHF deputy president Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar.

The daily yesterday quoted a player who alleged that his teammates had fixed an Azlan Shah Cup match, received money to play in a tournament, are involved in betting in the English Premier League and also alleged that a coach was involved in money-lending activities.

"We at the MHF strongly believe that the allegations are untrue, and so we lodged a police report today (yesterday).

"The report was lodged so that police can call those who have the alleged information on match fixing, bribery, illegal betting and money lending activities and investigate thoroughly," said Hashim.
The MHF has appointed lawyer Amrit Pal Singh to handle the case.

"We want those who have the alleged information, which has put the Federation in bad light, to stop writing articles, and instead co-operate with the police in their investigations.

"These are some serious allegations, and we will let the police handle them from now onwards," said Hashim.

MHF's management committee is meeting on Monday.

"We will provide further information, if any, in a press conference after the meeting," said Hashim.

Malaysian hockey officials and players have come under a series of attacks on cyberspace, after they failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics and then finished last in the Azlan Shah Cup.

Cheras said...

Satu laporan Polis telah di buat terhadap pemilik di balai polis bandar tun razak pada 7 petang semalam. Laporan itu dibuat oleh 3 individu. 9 malam 3 individu itu juga telah berjumpa dengan seorang peguam untuk menyaman pemilik blog ini kerana membiarkan komen mengenai seorang individu yang dikatakan wartawan terlibat dalam skandal MHF. Segala komen yang ditulis dalam blog tersebut telah dicetak sebelum pemilik blog tersebut mengeluarkan komen komen tersebut.

Harap harap pemilik blog ini mempunyai bukti yang cukup atas tuduhan tuduhan yang dilakukan olehnya, kalau tidak terpaksa menggunakan wang ehsan yang diberi oleh Malay Mail la untuk membayar yuran guaman...

Salam Bro

Anonymous said...

Cinta Hoki,
Good work.Well done. I heard police will be there. Hope BPR will also investigate because it is CBT. Hope 10/2 and 10% will answer this? I heard Paul Lissek is not around. Who is going to stand for him?
Cinta Hoki hope your cinta is not Cinta Kilat, Cinta seminggu. When you all come into power make sure you all choose the right people. Not your friends whom have got no passion for hockey. You all must choose people whom have passion for the game, not for money, name , greed and power crazy.People whom are willing to work for the love of the game.

Cint Hoki after MHF , we hope you all will dig up and clean up MWHA.Another rotting hockey people whereby from the secretary to the coach have nothing in their head like the present MHF. The secretary was once riding high because of Minister connection but now the tail is down.
Keep it up Cinta Hoki

Ardent fan of 1975 world cup

Anonymous said...

This calls for a Royal Commission with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

Bro dengar cerita ada laporan polis dibuat terhadap kamu, betul ke ?