Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The demise of Malaysian hockey?

A letter accusing the Malaysian Hockey Federation of many things has been widely circulated.

I wish MHF would respond to it positively and look into the issues raised by Cintahoki which among others include a summary of the standards of the various national teams.

I wish to reproduce parts of the letter by Cintahoki titled THE DEMISE OF MALAYSIAN HOCKEY, accompanied by mugshots of four individuals whom he claimed had murdered the game (I've conveniently deleted them).

SUMMARY OF MALAYSIAN HOCKEY STANDARDS (unedited) but this blog writer has deleted a few names and allegations of wrongdoings.

* Did not Qualify for Beijing Olympics in Japan
* Last in the recent Azlan Shah Trophy

* Lost to Austria – (4-3)
* Lost to Poland – (2-1)
* 3rd Placing in 4 Nation Tournament

Under 16 TEAM – MAY 2008
* Last Placing in Germany – 4 Nation Tournament
* Lost all the Matches


Senior Team:

Qualifiers in Japan

What is a decent result? Could not believe it because of the following reasons:
1 Italy is ranked 37th and Malaysia 14th
2 Spent millions on the Malaysian team preparation till MHF is in debts of 1.71 millions.
3 Big Funding from NSC on the Coaches and Team.
4 Malaysian team played in an elite tournament i.e. Champions Trophy (Dec 2007) and also went to Australia (Feb/March 2008) for exposure.
5 Two years of preparation i.e. full time training (day in day out).
6 Lofty level of benefits – allowances, accommodation and food is free.
7 Foreign assistance – Goalkeeper Coach from Pakistan and Advisor from Germany.
8 Scientific training – Support from ISN on fitness and nutrition
9 Physiotherapy, Medical Officer and Masseurs for the team.

Played 6 games – 3 win 2 draws and 1 lost. Scored 16 and let in 14 goals.

Out of Finals & Qualifiers - is it a decent result?

The Qualifiers in Japan, we heard that about 31 people went to the games to make sure the team performed at its very best – at least a seat in the Finals.

There were many officials from the Coaching team, Medical Team, Management team, Trainer, Cooks, Physiotherapist, Masseur, Video-man, NSC officials and others. Only missing link is Weatherman and Cheer Group – no allocation but NSC could consider including them in the next qualifiers, but make sure the cheerleaders are girls to stimulate the coaches and the team. No wonder the Organizers said the hotel rooms are fully booked and Gifu Government also mentioned that the turnover of tourist rise by 10% for the month of April…

The coaching department comprise of 4 members - 1 head coach, 2 assistant coaches and 1 Goalkeeper coach. MHF appointed a new assistant coach who hardly only played hockey at University or State level. No coaching background, surprisingly how did NSC allow to slip in this guy into the coaching setup and fully paid for his trip? The other coaches are appointed based on friendship and not on merit. To be a coach in the National setup you need be a friend of the arrogants and follow what they say. Don’t worry whether you are qualified or not and what was you past coaching credentials, all this is not an important yardstick for the evaluation of the appointment. There were rumors that the current coaches have filed in for their salary increment to NSC. The revised salary asked around $15k to $21k. Don’t worry it is possible due to friendship policy between MHF and NSC. Can be done even failed to qualify…

There are two Mangers i.e. Manager and Stand-in Manager registered on the bench. But why MHF need to register two managers but only one manager was in action. What to do, just follow instruction. Everything is done based on what the arrogants feel is right. Whether the team needs one or two Manager is secondary “Mahu tolong kawan ma..”

The Implication for not Qualifying:

1 Ranking now 14th to 20th (postulation) after Beijing Olympics. Drop too many points to sustain number 14th. Missed 2 Olympics and 1 World Cup.
2 The Sports Ministry may consider to revised from Category A to Category B sports.
3 No sufficient / allocation of funds for future exposure and oversea stint.
4 Future generation hockey players’ benefits jeopardize.
5 Top ranking teams (1 to 10) may not invite Malaysia to participate due to the poor standard of international hockey.
6 The interest of future generation to be involved in hockey looks very dim.

Azlan Shah Trophy 2008

First of all the standard of the tournament has diminished by inviting second world-class team. Previously, all the Champions Trophy team like Germany, Australia, Holland, Spain, South Korea will take part in the Azlan Shah Cup. Since two years – 2007 & 2008 of the Trophy, the mediocre or second-class teams are invited. But what happened now – last in the Group???

Last year Runners-up, as of today they are last position with only 4 points.

Have MHF submitted the POST-MORTEM REPORT of Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy 2008 to NSC?

Junior Team:

In the recent 4 Nation Tournament in Poland, Malaysia played 3 games and lost two and win one. But they lost to Australia…. OOPss is Austria, an ice-skating nation. Our Senior Team lost to Italy, eating pizza nation and our juniors now also follow suit. How come we loose to Austria, who were called by the Organizers at the last minute to put up a team as the replacement for Germany pulling out from the tournament.

Muralee and Rajan are with the team; surprisingly for this trip there is no Manager appointed. Austria is ranked 25th and Poland 21st and Malaysia 15th. What garbage is the coach excuse that the players travel a distance before the match? Then how come they loose to Poland.

This Junior is our future Senior hockey players. How are these players going to represent the nation in the near future? The Appointment of Coaches must be reviewed.

The National Juniors Team; heard the Team is renting houses in Seri Kembangan area and not staying in NSC Complex. Sources say that NSC has asked the Juniors Team to leave the NSC accommodation because most the players were caught smoking. But I think there are better reasons for the removal. If smoking is an issue, then the National Team is also to be removed coz most of the National players are also smoking.

Under 16 Team:

Played in Germany – 4 Nation Tournament and the Coach was K Rajan of TNB. Lost all the Games. Germany beat Malaysia 5-1, Holland beat Malaysia 3-0 and Belgium beat Malaysia 3-2. Another disaster… They are our future generation for Juniors.

The Manager to Germany Under 16 National team appointed was a relative to the Sarawak hockey administrators. Since he could not make it, he requested whether a relative of him to be appointed as the Team Manager of the Under 16 Team. Strangely, the MHF permitted his appointment even he is a layman in hockey. What a humiliation!!!

All the 3 letters was sent to the Prime Minister Department, Sports Minister, KBS, NSC, MHF and all Medias and some hockey lovers. But what has NSC and MHF have done? Nothing happened but to kill the game of hockey.

After the Azlan Shah Cup, the National Head Coach has decided to rest because they achieved very good result, I think so…. There is no training for a month now, there is a tussle between NSC and MHF to pay allowance to all the players because the team is not being training for a month. Heard that Joherman of NSC is a caretaker of hockey. Joherman gives a date of training to Arrifin and then the stand-up comedian cancels it.

More so there is no any direction and a proper plan for the National Team. A blind Coach is leading a blind team. Feedback from the National players, most of them are upset and not keen to play under his regime.



Anonymous said...

Well it looks like your friend Satwant Singh who is jobless now and Minarwan Nawawi are having something up their sleeves again. After-all a well known sports writer managed to find out and sources confirmed who is behind CintaHoki letters. Pls tell this pariahs to have some balls and face MHF face to face. Dont write love letters.


Anonymous said...

Saya pun mendapat surat dari CintaHoki dan juga surat surat sejak mereka kalah di Jepun, Saya juga tahu siapa yang menulisnya, yang saya hairan ialah penulis penulis ini serupa pondan, kalau hendak melakukkan perubahan tampil ke hadapan dan cakap secara terbuka, ini kan pula tulis surat cinta. Dalang dalang seperti inilah yang akan merosakkan hoki di negara ini. Tak Guna hantar surat, call for press conference. Saya cabar CintaHoki untuk mengadakan sidang akhbar untuk menerangkan isu isu ini. Kalau tak berani sila la pakai skirt instead of seluar.
Kalau sesorang itu hendak mendapatkan keadilan dan perubahan, sifat yang pertama yang perlu ada ialah keberanian and kejujuran, masalah sekarang bukan saja dengan cintahoki, malah di MSN, ISN semuanya ada agenda tersendiri, inilah yang merosakkan sukan negara.
So CintaHoki writers, ex players ... that is bitching from behind, come forward .. or else you can keep singing till the fat lady comes home.


Anonymous said...

Bro G,

Jangan cabar Cintahoki, kami macam Zorro. Mahu defend kita rights dan public punya money sahaja. Mana boleh, MHF mentakbir macam Kangaroo Court.

Jangan cerita pasal jujuran dan keberanian. Ini cara pentakbiran lembu pun mati.

Brother tunggu MM punya article lagi panas.

You kena perangkap kerana sangkut dalam cross fire. Sekarang friendly fire. he..he..

Your bro

Anonymous said...

Dey! Salam
Why use the words like pariah and pondan.They are also human beings.You yourself had no guts to put down your names, so we call you what?
Brother salam, I think you are supporting the wrong group or either you are in their team - bomoh, one eye jack, bump licker , 10/2 or 10 %.
We know that you are all notinterested in the game .You are all now interested in tracking down who are in the blog by seeing bomohs, slaugtering goats and chickens. The chief coach beliefs in seeing bomohs for every games so that he can win.
I think you are not reading Malay Mail. Please read and don't become a morron .
Please belief in one religion. It will pay you and your family. Please take care Salam.