Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be prepared, MHF!

A series of Malay Mail exposes is expected to shake the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) to the core! It can come sooner rather than later...


Anonymous said...

It is about time that a responsible paper does some thing about it. The people trust that MM will expose all those who are responsible. All wrong doing must be accounted for.

Abang Rizal welcome back after a short break with the MHF4.

As always you will do the RIGHT thing for sports!

Anonymous said...

You are the person people should appreciate.Malay Mail should be circulatted around Malaysia.The other local Newspapers don't carry out like what Malay Mail is doing .Keep it up.
Please Dig Up.Latest News for Malay Mail:-
1. Malaysian Junior team which went to Poland totally comprises 7 players from Johor. It was a plot by two MHF personnels to win the SUKMA. As one local Newspaper carried the title " Johor makes FT to sweat for gold". Johor had 7 juniors and one senior player. FT had 3 juniors and one senior.The one senior player in the Johor team was a directive from one boss of MHF to be exposed in International Tournaments to make suire Johor wins the SUKMA. The recerve G.K whom went to Poland is a Johor player. There were better G.K's in the Sukma whom were much taller and better.
2. The two coaches who selected the team were only 3 days in the SUKMA and they named the team before even the 1/4 finals.
3. They dropped one player from Penang who was training from 2005 Rotterdam world Cup team. Excuse was he had hamstring pull. this particular player brought Penang to the semis in SUKMA. If he had gone one player from Johor will be dropped.
4. About the coaches. they only can handle ready made teams. Not national teams. TNB has never done any Junior development. They only buy the best and 3 months to the Junior league they start training. 5 years ago TNB spent only RM 30,000.00 for the laegue but this year they spent about RM150,000.00.TNB management should look into the accounts. As for SSBJ the other coach has got the cream of players.They are not like grassroot teams like SMK Padang Maidin( Trengganu) or SMK Machang( Kelantan).
5. The teams which played in Poland were only under 18 but Malaysia sent a team - under 20.Please confirm it Haresh
6. Appontement of the manager for the Azlan Shah trophy was the directive from one of the MHF boss,and not approved by the Council. The boss wants this manager to become the Johor Razak Cup Coach.
7. Haresh its no more MHF . Its JCMHF- Johor Controlled MHF
8. Lastly please dig up about MWHA. No development programmes since the new secretary had taken over. They depend on MSN - Tunas Cemerlang. No age group teams- under 18, under 21 or a back up. They only depend on MSN. No yearly calender. I think ask the secretary to step down.Now they are singing with the players trained by the Indian coach only .How long more.

Abang Rizal- salam saya.

Anonymous said...

It was written by your former boss Johnson Fernandez.

epain said...

dah mcm sneak peak utk movie je...

ni citer apa ni..citer seram?...

Lissek said...
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Rahim said...
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Anonymous said...

Brother Johnson,
What's happening to Malaysian Hockey?
It looks like all the allegations made by anonymous 1-8 is true (june 19 .11.37). Than better all the MHF officials has to step down because we don't want sports to be under puppet kingdom.We are a democracy country and we have got a all round beautiful culture.
I heard that the Juniors are still in Europe touring and having friendly matches. An according to the coach the failure was due to SUKMA. The players were tired. Now they are touring. Is it the coaches agenda. I heard one is chain smoker and likes to visit all the pups.He smokes in front of the players. The other coach is famous for is brothel hunting . Unlike the Senior team chief coach is famous for is Casino and brothel hunting also.
Brother the 1975 World Cup team did not had any tours but still became 4th in the world. MHF for juniors we only have to expose to friendlys in Malysia. We got teams like TNB, Sapura and EY were by they can have friendly matches. They must take part in the Razak Cup Division 1 and the National League Division 1 . This is more than enough.Unless they want to go for tournaments that is different.This also can go for the senior teams. I remember the 1975 team had tough time beating teams like TPCA,Armed Forces and Kilat Club(TNB).
It looks like the KL Sukma Team had good set of coaches. Why don't the national Juniors have friendly with them , minus the 3 KL junior players playing for KL . I bet they will loose.
MSN has to check into the tours made by National Teams. they are wasting public money unless they are taking part in tournaments.
I heard the president is going to investigate on all matters. Please do it professionally. Call all the national and Junior players and give them Questionaire papers where by they no need to write their names. Questions pertaining to all allegations made. Make sure ask the quality of coaching. Ask the players which coach they prefer to be their National Coach.It can be done President. I have got confidence in you (General)

Ardent fan of 1975 World Cup Team

Anonymous said...

Bro Epain,

Ini bukan cerita seram. Tetapi cerita orang buta nak jadi raja di negara OKU.

Bro Rahim mana ada OKU yang ada talent macam ini.... Pelik betul kan buta tapi boleh main terup 21 and makan sishi sekali gus?

Another 1975 World Cup team fan said...

A police report has been made by the MHF against Malay Mail. And many believe MHF are considering legal action as well.

Interesting fact..the new Malay Mail don't even have a legal department!