Thursday, June 26, 2008

A gift to our country

Following is a statement from the promoter of the Champions Youth Cup (CYC), Jonathan Price.

June 26, 2008

In response to reports in the media, I can confirm that there have some been some discussions between our legal representatives and the AG’s Chambers but nothing that you could class as substantive in the context of the time that is left to reach a settlement based on the tournament taking place in Malaysia in August.

We advised KBS through our lawyers of a timetable to resolve this matter and that timetable is based on purely practical considerations – in particular the need to confirm arrangements with the teams, the need to make flight bookings, the need to secure hotel rooms etc.

We are at the “last hour” on that timetable and sadly it appears highly unlikely that an agreement that will allow the tournament to proceed will be reached. I wish we had more time but the timetable isn’t a negotiating tactic, it’s the simple practical reality of what it takes to run an international football tournament and the need and desire of the world’s biggest football clubs to be able to make their plans for the new season.

Jonathan Price
Gifted Group

The Gifted Group Ltd chairman reveals little, I must say. Like I said before in an earlier entry, the tournament is poised to be shifted to Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

Only if FIFA allows G14/Jonathan Price to promote the CYC in Thailand...but please dont try to flick one sen of the Rakyat of Malaysia's money.

Therefore FIFA must be notified promptly if there are any funds missing from Malaysia.

For the Game. For the World.

Anonymous said...

Lu canggih la bro, kasi korek dalam sikit la, lu boleh keluar itu biji sekali tau ka. Itu orang ada manyak risau la, saya agak juga la! ANTAM SAJA