Monday, June 9, 2008

Whose rights...

It's a pity that those who do not have the luxury of satellite TV will not have the opportunity to watch France in the Euros' group stages "live" in the comforts of their homes.

Media Prima, through TV3, secured the broadcasting rights to the tournament on Nov 20, 2007 and as the Malaysian rights-holder, they in turn sold some of the matches to Astro.

Astro apparently got the rights to show all France's group matches. A delayed telecast of Les Bleus' matches will be shown over either TV3 or TV9. I've studied ntv7's schedule as well and I don't feel too good about it.

This means my adik-beradik in remote areas of Malaysia and those who simply cannot afford satellite TV cannot watch Karim Benzema and Co live, unless and until they reach the quarterfinals!

Likewise a keen footy fan was suprised that the UEFA Champions League final was not shown on terrestial TV. F1 races are already shown delayed on terrestial TV.

In some cases badminton matches are exclusively shown over satellite tv.

I grew up watching Espana82, Euro84, Mexico86, Euro88, Italia90 for free and in the evenings kids my age (when we were at the most impressionable in terms of copying the West) tried to emulate what Giancarlo Antognoni, Michel Platini, Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten and Roberto Baggio did on our padang!

Though we never grew up to be football stars, at least there was a culture of playing football. Oh how times have changed...and yet we expect the country to produce Chin Auns, Santokhs and Mokhtars.


Anonymous said...

we, the consumers always kena kan? oil price naik, prices of goods naik, everything naik but gaji tak naik and we, the free tv users been deprived from F1 live, A1 live and now only selective matches of Euro2008 been shown live on free tv.


Anonymous said...

it's actually the euro foundation who decides who to sell the rights to. astro usually pays more because they have more money, being subscription based. so it's those ppl overseas that want more money, not the ppl in msia.
usually it's a bid and it depends who bids the highest price. but very often even if media prima bids highest, they will still give the rights to astro because it's seen as more 'prestigious' konon.
that's the truth.