Monday, June 23, 2008

Report not against Malay Mail

Malay Mail has the latest on the allegations of match-fixing.



Anonymous said...

bro rizal,

you have covered the mhf before. what is the inside story? enlighten us pls....salam.

Anonymous said...

breaking news...assoc editor haris hussain quit the malay mail. badrolhisham bidin also. said to be joinig the sun yushaimi also leaving or will be asked to leave. staff losing faith in his leadership or lack of it. heard he will not have a room at new office in pj. many left. Here the list

Irwan Abd Rahman - Creative editor (come back as web boss)
Rizal Solomon – executive sub
Adly Syairi Ramli – Entertainment editor
Mustapha Kamaruddin – sports editor (retracted)
Tony Yee – sub sports
Grace Ong – Specialist writer
Ayu Musa Kamal – journalist
Rahman Daros - journalist
Yaakob Yusof - journalist
Najiah Najib - journalist
T. Yogendra – retracted

Anonymous said...

Heard there's a staff meeting at 5pm today to stop reporters from leaving.Irwan's comeback deal is off. Got screwed again, it seems. apa nak jadi....

eat cake said...

anon 12.01/8.06,
who are you and how do you know so much more than the staff? could you be (shock, horror) the unflappable tony francis???