Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheer, cheer and courage display

Is this the team that will be able to take Malaysia out of perpetual darkness? The pitch looks nice, some of the players appear to be Ronaldo look-alikes or wannabes (the AC Milan's Ronaldo, ah, not the Real Madrid-bound Portuguese star) and those standing look to have the confidence and swagger of the French Euro 2008 defence. Who could they be?


Anonymous said...

Nice pic bro.... team ni untuk di jual ke?

Bekas Penyiasat

lazarus rokk said...

Dear Rizal,

Now I know why St Johns didnt win any football honours after my batch left the hallowed grounds of The Saints in 1971.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant retro squad in the Eagles retrokit...the originals were Bukta...before we got the Schwarzenbachs...super superdays...

"send a volley of cheers on high
shake down the thunder from the sky"

Anonymous said...


More on the Eagles :

Watch this the champion in action for live Cheer Cheer Courgae Display :

Setia Johan.