Saturday, March 5, 2011

Qatar 2022?

While it's hard to envisage any of the Selangor players taking part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, some of the present batch of Qatar Under-19 outfit may have a role...They were in Shah Alam for two weeks recently for a training camp. Originally they wanted to set up camp in Cairo but due to the political turmoil, they shifted the base to Shah Alam. Perhaps it is worth marketing Kuala Lumpur as a training ground for teams from the Middle East.

Qatar Under-19 Dutch coach, Tini Ruys, does not want to foretell the future..."but they are 17 and 18 today...11 years from today, they might be the seniors guiding the team."

When asked the origin of the players, Ruys says: "Although they came from families of various descent, they were born in Doha."


Anonymous said...

Qatar 2022, our hope?
FAM are you ready to rumble or still nothing has been done? Anyway FAM 2022 still long-long away, no hurry, no worry !

jefrizzalklang said...


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Anonymous said...

relek la brader, awal lagi nih... nanti 2021 baru lah nak tubuh team

Mohd Zulakhmar said...

Perancangan 11 tahun yang hebat. FAM juga boleh, mulakan dengan pelajar from one SSBJ, bagi mereka pendedahan dan latihan terbaik.