Monday, February 1, 2010

EPLx Kosmo

Former BA of Malaysia (BAM) honorary secretary Datuk Mohamed Al Amin Abdul Majid remembers the days at Holte End

The lawyer from Ipoh was once a stringer tasked to cover football matches

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Rizal, wow! I love all your very colourful posters here.
I sure miss football or soccer.
Disini, Mat Salleh giler! Malam pagi, makan, tidur Ice Hockey. Or Baseball, or Basketball.

Mention football, might get a 'huh'? Or 'Wembley'?
Get a 'what'?
Oh well, roll on World cup....thats the time saya pulak makan tidur glued to TV, macham date with SYT at Telok Bahang on Moonlight night, ha ha.
You stay handsome and keep young, best regards, Lee.