Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An open letter to Tunku Pete and the Sports Commissioner

Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) Level 4, National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil, 57700 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email: tkdwtf@tm.net.my Fax : 603 - 56343112
Media Release

Formation of a Protem Committee for Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) as a National Taekwondo body. Date : 5th February 2010. Via Fax

The Protem Committee of Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) wishes to announce its formation as a national body to look after the affairs of taekwondo WTF in Malaysia by a virtue of a Ministerial Directive and appointment letters issued via the Sports Commisioners Office dated 4th February 2010.

The task to form this National body was entrusted to Y.A.M.
Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar with his first hand experience in the affairs of Taekwondo WTF while in his Chairmanship of the now dissolved MTA Ad Hoc Committee.

The Terms of Reference for this new Protem Committee is as follows in its original Bahasa Malaysia text for its accuracy.

1. Untuk menubuhkan sebuah badan taekwondo baru dan akan berdaftar dengan pejabat ini.
2. Mempelawa semua persatuan taekwondo peringkat negeri dan kelab - kelab taekwondo untuk menyertai badan sukan baru tersebut.
3. Memastikan satu mesyuarat agung tahunan diadakan dalam tempoh tidak melebihi 12 bulan dari tarikh ia didaftarkan.
4. Memastikan bahawa perlembagaan persatuan peringkat negeri yang menyertai badan sukan taekwondo yang baru ini adalah selari dengan perlembagaannya di mana satu negeri hanya mempunyai satu wakil sahaja.
5. Menjalankan semua urusan berkaitan taewkondo WTF bagi sukan taekwondo di Malaysia. 6. Menjaga kebajikan dan status atlet untuk mewakili negara di dalam kejohanan taekwondo

The officers appointed into the Protem Committee by letter issued by the Sports
Commisioner’s Office dated 4th February 2010 and subsequently elected into the various positions at the Meeting are :

Chairman Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar
Deputy Chairman Dato. Roy Rajasingam.
Secretary Datuk Samson David Maman
Treasurer Mr KM Rajenderan
Technical Chairman Grandmaster Mr Song Yoong Khin
Committee Members Y. Bhg Datuk Mohamad Nazim Bin Tun Abdul Razak
Mr Chee Hock Choong
Grandmaster Leow Cheng Koon
Grandmaster Chin Mee Keong
Also to be appointed into the Committee for their invaluable advice are:-
En. Jalaludin Bin Othman of Kementerian Pendidikan
Tuan Haji Jalil Bin Hj Abdullah of MSN
Puan Hjh. Che Zaharah Bt. Abdul Hamid of KBS
All appointments of Protem Committee Members are in their personal capacity as they have the necessary expertise and knowledge on matters affecting this sport.

The tenure of the Protem Committee wil be for 12 months but the Chairman with the
support of his Protem Committee Members hopes to resolve all matters within 3 to 4 months before an Inaugral AGM can be held to elect Office Bearers to administer the Association.

The revised open Constitution created by the previous MTA Ad Hoc
Committee for National Association and State affiliates will be adopted by Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) with minor amendments.

The Chairman also wishes to announce that MTCA and MTF has reaffirmed its decision to disband as national bodies representing Taekwondo WTF members in Malaysia.

The MTF will do so on the 19th March 2010 and the MTCA on the 4th
March at 6pm in support of Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF). ATM and MASUM The Chairman wishes to notify that ATM and MASUM will be encouraged to affiliate with Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) as the Sports Commissioner has given it exemption from registration with the SC.s Office to maintain its status.

All Clubs and
states seeking affiliation to Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) must be registered with the Sports Commisioners Office. The Chairman Tunku Imran and the protem Committee wishes to thank the States and Taekwondo Clubs for the numerous congratulatory messages received on its formation.

He said ” It augurs well for a new beginning after more than 5 years of
turmoil this sport has gone through.

He has stated his wish to see all parties coming
together to help rebuild Taekwondo (WTF) in Malaysia and expresses his thanks to the former MTA States of Perlis, Perak, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan as well as the MTF States of Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Johore and Putrajaya for their faxed letters of support.

The MTF States of Sabah and Johore were previously affiliated to MTA.
Kuala Lumpur under Mr Ho Kam Phaw “has also expressed support in principle for the initiative but will hold its State meeting soon to endorse its decision before issuing its written consent.”

The Chairman reiterated „It not too late for anyone to join in but please do it as early as possible as taekwondo classes and many taekwondo Instructors have already been affected nationwide in this new school calendar year of 2010. The continued upheavals within taekwondo WTF must come to an end and this change will be the catalyst for it. The Constitution is open free and fair to enable members to determine their future and their destiny. We are only interim Administrators”

Thank you Datuk Samson Maman Hon Secretary

Raja Taharuddin Raja Nong Chik, appointed by the Sports Minister but removed by Tunku Imran and Co

Exhibit A - Feb 19, or was this document doctored, altered?

Exhibit B - Taekwondo Malaysia has come to existence, although in the ad-hoc committee meetings plus the Akujanji, it was clearly stated MTA to be the umbrella body

Exhibit C - Sports Minister has rejected MTA's appeal against the suspension

Exhibit D - in my limited Bahasa, only one governing body to be formed for taekwondo in Malaysia, and that is MTA/WTF...

Exhibit E - point of contention, the voting rights for clubs. It was agreed in the ad-hoc committee that 49 premier clubs would be given one collective vote in the decision-making process

UPDATED with the Press release and logo of TM (top)

Dear YAM Tunku Imran and Ybhg Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof,

I hope this letter reaches your good office with you in good health and in fine spirits. To be honest, though, I am getting sick and tired with your failure to find a solution to the taekwondo saga.

I have taken the liberty to attach, with this letter, a few documents that I wish to label as exhibits in the name of clarity and transparency.

Datuk, your decision to register Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) beggars belief. I can sense this is done in such a way that TM will be the governing body of taekwondo, which violates the Akujanji signed in 2008, refer to exhibit D. Following the de-registration of MTA in 2005 and later the reinstatement by the same Sports Minister, an ad-hoc committee was formed. In Dec 2008 an Akujanji was signed by all parties to accommodate other taekwondo associations, namely MTF and MTCA under MTA and to collectively grant one vote to all clubs in Malaysia.

Therefore my being suprised is an understatement. Are you telling me the Akujanji, a document that usually is binding to its signatories, is a pledge that can be violated anytime to one's whim and fancy?

I appeal to your good sense, if there's any, that you look at the issue in totality and give due recognition to all parties.

Datuk, as a civil servant, it is incumbent upon you to act and make decisions objectively. I don't wish to remind you of my skirmishes with your predecessor Tan Sri Elyas Omar over the same issue in 2005 when I was still working with the Malay Mail.

No doubt, Tunku and Datuk, the idea behind the formation of one umbrella body is noble to govern a sport plagued by internal bickering, favouritism and greed. Ultimately the issue is about money to be made out of grading system and power.

A club can easily earn RM500,000 a year based on the number of exponents in its stable.

To sideline one party just to accommodate another faction will not solve the impasse which I can safely say is due to the feud between two grand masters.

Taekwondo is certainly a sport driven by the club system. However Malaysia practices a State-Federal system, where State governments and the Federal government have certain rights. The matters where powers are assigned to are listed in the State List, the Federal List and the Concurrent List of the Federal Constitution.

I urge you, Tunku and Datuk, to consider these issues.

Sport is listed under Concurrent List and therefore both states and Federal governments have rights to develop sports. Thus there is a Federal Minister of Sports and at state level, there are Exco members in charge of sport in each state. In addition, SUKMA is competed on an inter-states basis and national championships are also competed on an inter-states basis.

If a club located in a State becomes a direct member of the National Sports Association, then that club loses all its privileges and benefits from the State, such as representing the State in SUKMA, in national championships, etc.

In other words, since they have no loyalty and affiliation to the State Sports Associations, then they shall be left on their own. This is most important, as otherwise, such clubs will have the cake and eat it, by benefitting from both the state and the Federal government and depriving those clubs which are affiliated and loyal to the State Sports Associations.

The definition of a club is also very important. Could a club be on a Pan-Malaysia basis, that is, taking members from every state in the country, or are they restricted to take in members from only the state of their registered address or districts of their registered address. This is most important, for being a national club, it can soon become bigger than the National Sports Association and challenge the National Sport Association.

Who are the members of the clubs? Can school children be voting members of a club? If yes, is there an age limit, say over 18 years or 21 years? Should there a minimum number of members become a club could be registered as a club? What is there to prevent abuses, if groups of 10 to 20 parents and their children form a club just to vote an AGMs? Can school pratictioners become voting members of a State Sports Association?

The above are very important principles, which should be discussed before any hasty decisions are made. Otherwise, we will be creating more problems than solving problems. And it also create a 'precedent' to others National Sport Association to follow.

Tunku, you failed to find a solution to the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) issue when you chaired a task force after it was suspended in 2002. Your task force's proposed amendments to the MAAU constitution were accepted but they merely encouraged intense politicking and lobbying on an annual basis. This is the chance for you to make amends.

As for you Datuk, your contract as the Sports Commissioner expires in May. Before you leave, do the right thing. Reinstate MTA and grant MTF and MTCA affiliation, with voting rights for the premier clubs limited to one. Taekwondo Malaysia should not stand for Tak Malu.


Rizal Hashim


Jackie Chong said...

Money Money Money .. thats all the taekwondo fellas are interested about la bro.. So much money they can buy house here and there and drive a BMW .. holiday sini dan sana ... The classes are still running there is so much of money in taekwondo and that is why ppl dont want to give up la rizal. Tak you tak tahu pulak ... Orang media pun terlibat.

Mahmud Nik said...

hei brader,

Are you supporting the idea of clubs making money up to 500K. Let me throw the question to you. who or what is a club in the present contex?! Can a club become a profit making body? How can bro. You either remain a business entity or become a sports body. Please drive some sense to Nik Mahmud. I agree with jackie.! You have friends in media who is making money in taekwando with his wife...aiya the NST fella la takkan tak kenal.

That Raja fella should just bring Nik and Imran to court la. Whats happening is a joke. Does Shabery knows what he is doing or not.

But as you highlighted. Nik, Imran, do not fear for Lord Jim is here.

Feeling sick about the way OCM fellas run the show hand in glove with Nik. I wanna puke la.

The good thing is, this is a quick fix solution. Shabery may consider forming Badminton Malaysia (BM) and shut down the BAM since there are problems..Can what!

MakanGajiButa said...

Huh?..Make dcision objectively?!..halo I'm a civil servant on contract la. You ok or not. I finish in May. Adios to you

Anonymous said...

its just pure rubbish...its time for tunku imran to leave OCM

Sinatra said...

Wow..I'm quite impressed with you sir. You present your case like a lawyer. With exhibits. At some point i thought you sounded like the wise oldman in OCM.

Talk on being sporting, state federal system, proper structure etc are things in the past. Those were the days my friend, were hope it never end,...

Today my dear learned friend, its who you know, who you want to be noticed by, who can offer projects, can bring in money, etc. In the taekwondo saga, who do you think can possibly offer all that.. The answer my friend is blowin in the wind..the answer is blowin in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Tunku Pete is IOC Member you know. Not just OCM boss. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

I am quite certain that YM TUnku Tan Sri have taken into consideration all angles before deciding to not honour the akujanji with the previous Minister. i'm further convinced that your decision Tunku was based on the spirit of Olympism, good governance and sportsmanship. That is why in order for the sport to move on, you decided to form a new body. I'm more than certain that unlike MAAU, the new body with a new committee selected by you will sail smoothly with no problems for the next 100 years. Job well done. No one could have done better. Cheers to you Pete. (careful, dont spill that whisky mate)

Disappointed sports enthusiast said...

Now you do sound like the loose cannon I once know of.

Todays sport is governed by OCM n really not by the sports commis' office. When ocm can give all its full & assoc members $ b4 the last ocm agm & get away with it put them in the same level as I'm God n u r my minions.

If they can do that to taekwando so that the great wise man can have his field come next year (next ocm election), think wat he can do to the rest of the NSAs if they dont toe his line.

Sports today is all about $$$ n what can I get from the assoc / athletes... it serve no other purpose.

Forget about developing any sports...it just plain wasting time & too much hardwork. U play politics from within but keep the professional politicians from getting into the NSAs.

All the best to sports in Malaysia.

Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Raja Nong Chik, We accept your arguments in the past and all the "aku janji' that you are the NSA of Taekwando previously. I want you to consider this and look at it objectively. WTA is the IF for Taekwando and your organisation MTA are the NSA recognised by the IF.
As the NSA, your relationship with the IF must be thicker than water and they must support you through thick and thin.
I sympathise with you with the massive interferences by OCM, Dato' Siah Kok Chi and all those clowns who does not much about Sports. That has already happened and no point crying over spilled milk.
The SC or OCM cannot reappoint your MTA as the NSA in Malaysia. However the SC can under section 20 of the SDA remove and revoke your registration. Looking at the merits in the course of it, your MTA also screwed up big time.
Looking forward now, if you chaps wants to be the NSA or the governing body, you need to get the recognition from the IF. You have lost that. I am sad to say the game is over for you. I am convinced the IF are not supporting your MTA and looking at things objectively you have nothing to offer.
Ask your self how in heavens name did TM(WTF) got to be recognised as the NSA of Taekwando? Go to Kukiwon and ask them and they will tell you that you chaps all are not promoting the sports for World Taekwando Association.
Look at football, when the Brunei Government decided to do a number on the Brunei member of FIFA, what did Sepp Blatter do? He personally chaired the meeting and kicked Brunei out of FIFA. Now Brunei Football are out of all FIFA Games.
Why did World Taekwando Association (WTA) abandoned you chaps? You know the answer and to put it bluntly, you chaps have not lived up to the expectations as an NSA of Malaysia.
Please do not moan or growel on SC or OCM. As far as OCM is concerned, they are a useless body thinking they are a magic bullet that can care all ills in sports. We all know how useless OCM is as they have demonstrated in the Ad Hoc Committee for Taekwando. Tunku Imran and his side Kick the Sec Gen, thinks they are holding the scepter, what they do realise is they are holding a feather duster.
Raja Nong Chik forget about justice in Sports. MTA has just got zapped and that is it.
You can go to court with your hot shot lawyer but at the end of the day the laws are all in the Sports Development Act. Call it a day and cooperate with the SC and the new TM (WTA).

Everybody Goes Kunfu Fighting said...

Don't fault the instructors if they were to make some money from Grading. These people most of them are full time instructors and they have a family to feed. Some earn more some not so much. If you were to understand the food chain during MTA regime, some of the Grand Masters earn the most. It is their food chain and everyone wants a part of the action.
What do we learn from this episode in Taekwando?
First do not give a damm shit about "Aku Janji" they mean nothing. Second when you get OCM involved like the Pro Tem Committee governing Taekwando, you know you are already is the deep shit end. The fan that is going to stir the shit is the SEC Gen of OCM. Don't tell me he is not involved in this. He is as a matter of fact the catalyst and the hantu stirring the shit pot as though it is the witches brew.
You MTA should have seen it coming, OCM being a mediator. Mediate over what? Can you not see that OCM are supposed to be neutral and espose what is good and fair? Is that man the Sec Gen fair? Every idiot in sports knows his reputation that he is such a trouble maker that the name OCM is now sullied in dirt and shit. Ah ! the President and the Board, all of them have no bodek to tell the old man off. Okay figuratively some on the Board have no "bodek" like Beng Choo. But the rest are nothing meekly sitting on the Board and like a lap dog hoping to get a free trip to go here and there at OCM expenses.
Taekwando is the start and I hope the Sport Commissioner will take note and put OCM especially the old man in his proper place.You watch out OCM and old man will attack other sports too.
Moral of the story, you NSA better foster good ties with your IF, if not it is bye bye birdie. Like what happened to MTA and their IF WTF.

Anonymous said...

Bang Rizal, In the Taekwando episode, don't tell me that your good fren'the Sec Gen of OCM Abang Sieh is not one of the trouble maker for Taekwando.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Looking in to those words that is in your commnent, I came across that somebody mentioned that Lord Jim is behind them. What do you think? Malaysia BOLEH? I think they really planted the BOLEH in their simple & useless mind and keep dreaming boleh, boleh mesti boleh.. I can tell you that in this country there is a law and the truth will always prevailed.
About your write-up, I came to know from a realiable source (99.9%) pure gold. They claim that Sabah and Johore were formally under 'Hokampau' has join them, let me tell you now. The Sabah who has join them is from MTF and Johore also from MTF, the MTA Sabah has been played out by the HKP at the EGM saying that they has no voting right and do u think they will join them?
For Perak, this is really a running dog bcoz he use to be fighting with YM, just bcos he will loose abt 400k a year, that is why he join them. I think my source has use a wrong words to describe him as a dog. He is worse than a dog bcoz dog has principle too. I think he is more suitable to call him BARBARIAN!
Negeri Sembilan has been de-registered by the sc office on June 09, how come a dead person can write letters?
And for Putrajaya, u may ask anybody in TKD, this fatty dog went to registered the ass just for politicking purposes only bcoz there is not even 1 REAL TKD members under them.
So what do you all think abt all this truth? Dont tell me that the YB is obligated to Lord Jim?
If so then I will advise YM & his warrior pass this case to the Opposition leader bcoz they think everything Ok bcoz d big bro face is big. Lets the whole country know (especially those involve in sports & politic), lets the rakyat complaint judge & I think with this most likely they will loose quite a number of seats by the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Can you use a better photo of YM Raja? I feel sorry for him, he is from no where, suddenly jumped into Taekwondo and I really pity him and his fighter esp. sel.

I also agreed to some of the comments, I, 1000% agreed that Pete has to leave OCM because his mind has damaged. How can he ignore the akujanji? oh...maybe he do not understand bahasa anymore or he forgotten he is a Malaysian (mat salleh tiruan). And even the nik also has to f o he is abusing his power as a sc. how can he registered Tak Malu before MTA was deregistered? Why there is 2 national body in one time? Please ask the Minister to send him a f o letter because he is tarnising the KBS name.

Do you think Lord Jim is interested? I heard rumours saying that he said he is not interested, but those blacks giving him some sweets (Black belt dan) and suddenly he become interested. Wah.. so cheap sikit ke? If I were him I will not take it because I dont even know how to kick...malu lah.

Anonymous said...

My brother is sports,

I totally agreed to Jackie Chong and Mahmud Nik. All the instructors and oldman are printing and stealing $$$ every where in taekwondo. And the SC should know about that. Do you think the SC is helping them to hide from income tax? Why until today nobody go and check those instructors sama ada mereka bayar cukai yang cukup keh???

Anonymous said...

is the pro-tem TM affiliate to the IF yet? If not, how could they send any athlete/s for the matter of fact to any international games ie Commonwealth or Asian Games this year?

I can break the rule but u can't break the rule is happening again...shame on all those who are involved in this dirty game of putting my man in & throwing out those who are not my team players.

Now I know why Malaysian sports are going down the drain!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

En Rizal,
Berdasar kpd story u dan eddy, baru lah kami sebagai ibubapa tau kebenaran yg tepat. I memang dah bt comment di blog en eddy dan baru tau kebykan jurulatih2 tidak mempunyai prinsip yg benar, mrk tu memang mengajar wang bkn anak2 kita. Apa yg I nk tegaskan disini iaitu anak I dah red belt (2langkah lagi ke hitam), tetapi jikalau di compare dgn warna yg sama, dimemang tk setaraf. I pun rasa segan nk beritahu kwn2 I anak I sudah sampai tahap tu krn pada setiap grading I hantar anak I kesana dan kbykan anak I memang tk tau dan blh pass oleh grandmother itu sebgai tester. Mcmana standard itu mcm blh pass, ini I rasa dia org tu tipu anak2 kita.
Cuba byangkan, if anak I dah dpt black belt dan tentunya mrk rasa mrk kuat aleast blh tahan satu musuh. Dan budak2 u tau lah, mrk ni suka berlagak. Apa kata seorg musuh attack dia tanpa senjata? Sudah tentu mrk akan lawan balik dan itulah masa anak I maybe di pukul sampai mati... Blhkah perkara mcm ni di benarkan berterusan? SC tu memang tk tau apa dia tu taekwando dia tu hanya nk tau mcmana dia blh dpt extend contract dia saje. Inilah org yg akan membunuh anak2 kita. Apatah lagi menteri secara tidak langsung menjadi pembunuh juga.
Sila pass message I kpd en eddy dan YM Raja supaya terus berjuang demi nyawa anak2 kita.

Kamal - PJ

Anonymous said...

Kepada semua warga taekwando di Malaysia.

Kenapa situasi sekarang macam MTF seolah-olah telah menjadi MTA menguasai WTF di Malaysia. Jelas sangat negeri2 yang menyokong TM itu memang dari MTF. Sedangkan mereka itu telah menipu SC, OCM dan KBS. Banyak penipuan dan pembohongan dan politicking dalam isu MTA ini. Yang paling sedih sekali, negeri2 MTF itu pun bodoh sampai menggangap mereka itu macam tuhan, kesian mereka.
Sampai sekarang I rasa YM dan warrior2 dia itu telah menghantar memorandum kepada PM, TPM dan juga Menteri. Kenapa sampai hari ini orang2 diatas sana tidak mengambil tindakan? Adakah orang besar sekali itu telah memberi arahan supaya semua orang tidak boleh campur tangan kerana adik dia mesti mendapat tempat di situ? Apa projek ada di sana? Atau adik dia dipergunakan oleh orang2 yang tertentu? Kalau macam ini, adik dia itu memang tak boleh buat bodah saje. Dan juga apa si anjing gemuk itu mahu sangat tempat di taekwando? Parti dia sendiri pun tak boleh settle lagi mahu kecohkan taekwando ke?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My dear Rizal,
Do you think by posting in blog and get comments is a good way to settle this issue? Can this things help?
Do you think those top fellow have time to read these things? If happen they know about this, do you think they will do something?
I will suggest that, in order for Raja to prove his power, he should get WTF letter confirmaing that MTA still the sole-body in Malaysia. If not I think its nothing to fight for, at the end of the day, only Raja & Eddy and his gang will left over there.
What a sad ending......

The Other Mole said...

Before the new sports body even get started, the Secretary already started telling a bunch of lies. When and how can a suspend MTA be dissolved. The only way a sports body registered with SC be dissolved is by an EGM approving the dissolution. That off course never happened.

Mr.Olympism too got it wrong. Via Section 20 the SC can only suspend on revoke the registration of MTA. Even if that happens, a sports body continue to exists and function with limitation.

Please read the Sports Act (SDA 1997) people!

MTA after their meeting with Ismail Sabri, the previous sports minister, agreed to be suspended in order to facilitate amalgamation of tkd bodies. The fellas from MTF and MTCA were told to close shop immediately and return to MTA. MTA was requested to amend its constitution to give clubs voting rights in it.

All that changed after MTA was suspended for that purpose. Sadly, MTA's reps Raja and Song did not do a good job in ensuring that the adhoc committee sticks to the term of reference from the Minister.

Rizal got it right! MTA was suppose to be the governing body. MTF and MTCA was supposed to be dissolved. BUT SC and Nik decided to close their eyes to this as they wanted to please some high profile personality in that organisation.

The WTF being the IF decided to recognise TM as the new NSA only because the person lobbying for it was an IOC Member. Tunku Imran used his position to veto the MTA office bearers and pull strings with the WTF. WTF off course would not want to cross an IOC Member. Hence they gladly supported the move.

the WTF being the IF adopts a policy that they would only recognise an NSA in any country provided that the NOC (OCM) in that country recognises it. So in Malaysia, obviously OCM must have in one way or another given recognition to TM inorder for WTF to respond.

How can that happen?!

When a sports body is suspended or deregistered, it doesnt mean that it does not exist anymore. If one recalls the MTA deregistration in 2005, MTA continued to exist until it was reinstated in 2007 by Azalina. So to think that since MTA is suspended therefore it is now dissolved is an opinion flawed according to the SDAct 1997.

Whats happening now could have been prevented if the representatives of MTA at the adhoc committee knew the game plan and understood the importance of the term of reference of the Minister. Imran and Nik took advantage of the change in Minister and today made Raja like a fool. Raja the new comer to taekwondo is enjoying the press coverage and tv interviews instead of truly fighting for whats right.

The MTF and MTCA fellas played the game well by using the high profile figure and got the MTA presidents out of the new TM.

Another intersting point one can notice from the press release is that apparently the SC has exempted the Armed Forces and Masum from registering with the SC. let it be known that the SC HAS NO SUCH POWERS. No power to register a 'non sports body' AND no power to exempt any sports body from registering. PERIOD! Where on earth did the Secretary get this idea.

Imran being an IOC Member has brought shame to OCM. Roy Raja is of no help. At least, Sieh KC until today is not happy and is full of protests with whats happening with taekwondo as this was not the intended solution by the Minister. SKC once unlike Imran and Roy represented OCM in a committee also known as the adhoc committee during Azalina's days when she tried to put MTF and MTCA back into MTA. That almost succeeded until the ousted party in MTA decided to put a spanner in the move. (by filing an action in court)

Kudos to you Mr.Rizal. Your article as attracted many readers to comment and consider. Some may even ponder about the future of their NSA looking at how Imran, Roy and SCom armtwist and shut down an NSA with more than 30 years of history.

Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Anon 12.42am. That is exactly the point that I have made earlier. There is no point calling names and exposing all the faults of the various parties.
Taekwando have to accept the fact that the International Federation (IF) World Taekwando Federation recognised by the IOC has now recognised TM(WTF) as the NSA for Malaysia. Go to WTF web site and you can confirm this.
All the mud slinging and calling for injustice are all a waste of time. For that matter even Loose Canon calling the new body TM as "Tak Malu" also cannot solve anything.
Loose Cannon you have to accept that MTA is buried and swept away by that Tsunami.
Yes it is not fair to some, who say a Tsunami is fair, the good and bad, the innocent and the guilty are killed in the process.
That is why I am asking all Taekwando chaps to support the new body TM(WTF)and start a new life.

YangMulia said...

Anon Feb 27 1.18am,

Why pity Raja. He has a choice. Just like he had the choice whether or not to attend the adhoc meetings when his presence was crucial. He chose to skip the meetings as he couldnt deliver. He just dont know the issues. But like most new comers, once you get the nice felling of becoming famous and having your pictures flashed in the papers, one just couldnt let go.

The Selangor friends of his are akin to the stray dogs now. Sel was a member of MTA until MTA got deregistered. They chose to leave MTA and join MTF which was formed under the Presidency of Nazim Razak. Then when MTA was reinstated, they were not sure whether they should disband their support to Nazim.

When they got acquainted to Raja in early 2009, the Sel President got ambitious and wanted to become the Deputy President of the revised MTA whilst another joker wanted the SG's position.

Their ambition went down the drain when Samson Maman the MTF Deputy President now the TM SG saw it coming and decided to suspend Sel as a member of MTF. So Sel is now screwed. This what happens if you decide to play safe when your have your feet on two boats.

Now I hear there is a new Sel Assoc in formation that is friendly to Samson Mamon.

Raja who knows next to nothing about tkd was very much dependen on the MTA Secretary from A-Z. Apparently Raja was brought into MTA by the SG, the Indian Lawyer. Now Raja has been removed from the new Assoc for becoming too ambitious in wanting to remain as President. He needed the support from the states and formed an alliance with Sel. that was the beginning of his doom.

The personalities in tkd got what they deserved. But for the sake of sports and good governance, hopefully, the OCM could restore its pride. Do the right thing. (Something thats alien to the S.Com)

Anonymous said...

The problems in tkd started way back in the 90's. Leow who was the leader in KL was sacked by Hokampau. Becoz Leow used the KL associations money to speculate in the stock market. Then Leow who controlled the technical arm of MTA convinced MTA to amend the constitution and admit training centres and academies ('clubs') to become direct members with MTA bypassing the states. The condition was with no voting rights. Leow was only at that interest in running classes and conducting test.

One of his mission was to cripple KL Assoc. All instructors from KL left and became Associate Members of MTA. Leaving KL with Hokampau and several of his followers.

Ten years down the road, Leows positin in MTA was threatened. This is the same Leow who is now in the new TM. He was one of them who was hauled up to a disciplinary board by MTA.

Then Leow formed MTF with Nazim. These people have been fooling the parents and students that their certification is recognised by the WTF.

HoKampau sued MTF in court for claiming to be the governing body.

Now all that is withdrwan as they are all friends now. Their common enemy is Raja and his committee.

Now that they got him out of the way, Hokampau got booted out as well. The news is KL is not very happy with him. Maybe he overstayed.

Yes Nazim says he is not interested. But he never quit MTF nor did he decline to be nominated and appointed as President. So what does that tell you. Please ask him. Bet my bottom dollar he will still tell you he is not interested.

Pesuruhjaya Suka said...

Tq saudara Rizal for the reminder on the expiry of my contract. Actually Rizal, since I am also retiring, I also just Luke my predecessor, would like to tell you that I have settle all problems in Association that was before me.

Kindly note that there is this Section 23 in the sports act that suggest that those were actually not my job. What is OCM doing? My job is not to settle problems in association BUT I still have to do it. For that I am always blamed. But I don't mind. I don't want to be popular. I just want to make sure that everyone abide the law.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not the law moran I the AG of sports. That's not me. Any reference to the SC is actually reference to my predecessor.

Who am I you ask? I am the Judge of sports.

Hei Saudara can you edit my above press release for me to distribute in May when i leave. I promise to give you an exclusive.

'Yang menjalankan tugas.'

Anonymous said...

salam satu malaysia.

berkaitan isu ini memang tidak dapat dinafikan lagi kweujudan badan baru sebagai pengelola tekwondo WTF malaysia akan mngeruhkan lagi keadaan. skrip perwujudan TM sama je seperti skrip perwujudan MTF suatu ketika dulu. saya seorang yang telah berkecimpun dalam taekwondo hampir seumur hidup saya dan saya tak nampak sebarang masaalah dalam sukan sukan taekwondo di bawah kelolaan MTa dahulu sehingga lah keadaan di keruhkan oleh pesuruhjaya sukan lewat 2004 dulu. keadaan makin parah dengan wujudnya MTF.jadi tak perlu ditambah masaalah lagi. kita da lihat bagaimana taekwondo kembali menuju normal apabila MTA telah kembali ke status asal lewat 2007/2008. tetapi keadaan dikeruhkan kembali denga campurtangan OCM dan SC. SAYA BETUL2 TIDAK PAHAM APA KEMAHUAN MEREKA SEBENARNYA. menjalankan tugas hanya berpandu kepada kepentingan sendiri. nasib atlit dan masa depan sukan ini perlu diberi perhatian. berdasarkan pengalaman saya berani jamin, jika MTA dikembalikan ke status asalnya dan diberi masa 2tahun untuk membaiki kerosakan yang telah dibuat oleh pihak tertentu, sukan taekwondo akan menemui kegemilanganya semula dengan aktiviti taekwondo yang rancak dan atlit kita beraksi di olimpik macam dulu2. MTA telah membuktikan keupayaanya dalam pengurusan sukan taekwondo di malaysia dengan berjaya menjadi sukan yang paling awal sari malaysia melayakkan diri ke temasya olimpik. saya merupakan antara atlit yang terlibat dalam skuad malaysia waktu itu. walaupun tidak cukup kelayakan untuk beraksi di olimpik tetapi beresar hati kerana terpilih dalam projek tersebut. MTA telah terbukti efisien dan lebih baik dari mana2 badan sukan lain ketika itu. dan saya yakin kejayaan ini dapat diulangi jika MTA kembali ke status asalnya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yang Mulia (comment on Feb 27 1.18am),

Let me tell you about Selangor. You do mentioned that MTF has suspended STA and Selangor was in 50/50 whether to support Nazim or MTA after MTA was reinstated.

As far as I (following closely MTA and STA development) know, STA has no worried of the suspension because MTF has close shop even the other mole commented Feb 28 2.55am said. This suspension of MTA is done with a purpose to let MTF and MTCA be back and the merchanism of suspension is to suspend MTA with an appeal letter from MTA to the minister. And for MTF and MTCA, they suppose to close shop to give way to form the Adhoc committee. And what other mole said is correct, the SC is closing his eye to let this things happen.
During the first few adhoc meeting Raja and even Song also sounded their objection but unfortunately the adhoc minutes was manupulated by someone and it was never recorded.
So, as far as Selangor concern, a dead man (MTF) how to write letter? And for STA, these group are new council who has just took over fro less than a year, STA join and left and join back MTF was the previuos council. And when they took over, MTA was suspended and they cant do anything because their application to affiliate with MTA was under KIV.
Why they team up with Raja? The reason is only one answer. They are protecting the right of a state association and the federal system which is according to the national constitution. For your information, they never treat MTF as their mother body because MTF never discuss withn them about what actually happen in the adhoc. They only informed by Raja and Song, that is the reason why they are fighting until today.
About the rumours that MTF good friend's wants to form a new Selangor. That is true, because the no principle oldman (you can see during his is No 2 in MTA those day, how many of his own pupils he bring in to the council?)is dreaming all the time and hope to control all the monies (grading) in Selangor. Tell him to keep dreaming, may be one day later there is nobody involve in Taekwondo then maybe his dream will come true.

Juruletih said...

Anon 7.03 pm Feb 28,

Saya bersimpati dengan saudara yang kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku di tkd. ya memang benar skripnya seolah-olah penubuhan MTF dahulu. Tetapi saya rasa saudara juga harus tahu siapakah dalang sebenarnya dalam memporak purandakan tkd.

Dulu, seseorang jurulatih tkd baik senior atau junior hanya boleh mengajar disekolah-sekolah sekiranya dia hadir dan bukannya menghantar orang yang digajinya. Cuba u perhati, instructor you berasal dari kelab mana/ berapa buah sekolah dia kontrol. Mungkin saudara juga seorang jurulatih atau penolong belaiu yang digaji.

Sekarang ada yang dah buat macam francise. ini semua salah sekiranya kelab digunakan untuk aktiviti sukan. Tetapi kalau mereka kekal sebagai akademi atau pusat latihan yang fungsi untuk mendapatkan keuntungan, boleh la. Ini yang dikatakan having the cake and eating it.

isu ini sebenarnya dimulakan apabila akademi2 tkd berubah menjadi kelab. Jurulatih2 kelab menggunakan khidmat seorang reporter di NST yang juga mengendalikan kelab untuk buat kacau. mereka hendak mengambil alih pengurusan MTA. Ya lah ketika itu MTA memang disegani. Mereka ini semua penyokong2 Leow ketika itu. Kini lain pulak cerita bila masing-masing dah besar dan jadi mahaguru dalam kelab2 sendiri.

Mereka sendiri menggunakan atlit sebagai alasn agar isu-isu MTA dipercepatkan. Ini bak kata orang baling batu sembunyi tangan.

Pokoknya duit mesti masuk ke dalam poket mereka. Ada saudara dengar tentang kelab yang minta yuran untuk kelab tapi masuk akaun bini dia.

OCM ketika itu tidak terlibat. hanya baru-baru ini OCM terjebak kedalam isu ini kerana Presiden OCM nak ampu bodek seseorang.

Jurulatih2 kelab ini tidak pedulikan atlit. Sebabnya berapa ramia yang jadi atlit? Mereka lebih khusuk dengan anak murid yang bayar yuran disekolah-sekolah.

Dan apabila salah seorang anak muridnya nak ada bakat..hah mula la dia cakap yang itu bakat yang dipupuk oleh kelab-kelab.

Sebenarnya saudara, takde siapa yang paksa jurulatih2 ini untuk membentuk atlit. mereka dibayar gaji untuk mengajar. Jadi mereka tidak sukarela membina atlit untuk negara. atlit2 ini pelanggan mereka.

Ada beberapa orang pengendali kelab yang jadi leader dalam masalah ini. Saya rasa saudara pun tahu. Semua nak jadi hero. Ada yang berpasangan. Yang seorang tu jululatih bawah MSN dgn MTA tetapi masih satu geng dgn yang buat hal.

Saya nak bagitahu satu. Sekiranya saudara pernah menjadi jurulatih, tepuk dada tanya selera, tak payah nak terpingga-pingga cari jawapan.

Yang Mulia said...

Dear Anon 3.01 p.m. I write in response to your comments.

Looking at your response,I guess i must have hit the red button. Its nice of you to reply on behalf of your Presiden Yusof and Raja.

Its also impressive to know that STA has a new council that supports state federal what not.

Yusof was newly elected as President. But I bet you know that Yusof was also the President of STA at the time MTA was deregistered. He was also the President at the time STA decided to join MTF. Then he was defeated by the film producer from Pahang.
Now Yusof is back. Yusof was very close to Nazim at that time (in Malay its called 'akrab') Under Yusof's, Presidency, STA carried out many aktivities claiming to be Olympic sport. And now here you are trying to tell me you have a new council bla bla bla. Choose your forum la bro. Loose Canon's blog is read by people whom you cant fool.

Whats so great about your new council. I have been following the discussion here. One writer wrote about how Leow was sacked from KL by KPHo. What was ommited is that the other joker who was sacked for using KL's money for personal gain in stock market is WONG HEE KEE.

Does that name sound familiar to you. ermmmmm..o yah he is now your Vice President isnt he Who goes by the name Tony Wong. How nice.

Do you understand what minutes of meetings are for? So what if what was raised in meetings was ommitted.? Raise it again and again until it is recorded and action taken. Your Raja and the turn coat Song should have boycotted the meeting until thier demand was fullfilled. This is where as pariah as he KPHo can be, you must praise him for taking Elyas to court. Although he hide behind Chin's name to do all the court work.

This is what you dont know. Let me tell you. Your Raja was prepared to play ball with Nazim and surrender the Presidency to him provided Nazim scrathes his back in return.

Now Yusof is teaching Raja a new word. L E G A C Y. Apparently Yusof wants to leave a legacy behind. Legacy kepala b***h.

Yes MTF was supposed to be dissolve and it was not. SO!. What you all want to do about it. Learn from KPHo. GO TO COURT. Bring the Minister, SC and Imran to court.

Instead, your Raja Yusof and some of the people you work closely with are like stray dogs following the tail of the Deputy PM.

Listen to Rizal! Do the right thing. His message is not only to Imran and Nik. Its also to you and your friends whom you closely work with.

You have traitors among you. Look at your council. How many are club owners who have also applied to become members of TM.

As I said before. Raja knows next to nothing. When opportunity arose for him to make an impact he becomes absent. What can you aspect from someone who do not know whats happening.

By the way where on earth did you all bury the Indian Lawyer who was the SG of MTA. I suppose he too has tied links with TM.
Next thing you know is that he is the new SG for TM. Dont belief lawyers la. I heard he was involved in the constitutional amendment favouring the Clubs and he worked closely with Roy.

Please check your facts. Dont just tembak.

Sieh Kau Chi said...

Dear Rizal,

Why you readers all link me with all the problems ah? U know or not I was the first one to object to Elyas action that time. So much so I became unpopular with Azalina. I totally agree with what you have written. (By the way where did you get my article on state federal system ah?)

There are only few fellas in taekwondo who are causing all the problems. I know Leow long ago, I know Chin long ago. They are all my friends. But in taekwondo I think they had good control until someone got greedy. Now u have Nazim, Raja, Samson etc. Are they practitioners of the art or just busy bodies?

I will continue to fight for what is right. And i dont care what people say anymore. By the way can you scout for a good candidate to take over my position. I am growing tired la. My colleagues are a group of hopeless people.

Keep it up Rizal. Your friend, Kok Chi

Anonymous said...

Calling all NSA's to boycott OCM and form a new Olympic Committee called Olympic Malaysia (OM).

Candidates for President: Shahidan; Nazim Razak; Elyas Omar; Mazlan; Ibrahim Saad,Naim, Tengku Abdullah.

SecGen: Rizal Hashim; Ganga Rao; Beng Choo; Tony M; Edwin; Kumar; Vellapan; Mumtaz.

harifdin dr Kedah said...

Salam Bro Salam satu M'sia ,Rakyat di dahulukan pencapaian di utamakan apakah yang terlibat mencipta kemelut bagi MTA faham makna slogan ini . M'sia adalah negara berparlimen yangmana setiap akta digubal dan di meterai oleh mohor Yg DiPertuan Agong .Apakah pendapat anda sebagai rakyat M'sia jika Akta tersebut tidak di patuhi oleh mereka2 yang penuh berkuasa kononnya.Layakkah mereka ini memegang jawatan jika Parlimen dan Yg DiPertuan Agong tidak diendahkan .Apakah pendapat anda yg mengikuti blog ini apabila YB menteri mendapat arahan dari TPM barulah mahu untuk berjumpa dgn semua Persatuan Tkd Negeri bagi mendapat perkara sebenar ygmana selama ini telah di olah oleh SC dan sekutunya bagi menubuhkan TM (TKD M'SIA @ TAK MALU )Terakhir dr saya kpd mereka2 ini iaitu Dato' Nik , YM Tunku dan dato' Rao jalankan tanggungjawab yang di amanahkan bukannya merosakkan harapan warga Tkd M'sia berpeganglah anda dengan 2 rukun dari rukun Negara iaitu Keluhuran Perlembagaan dan kedaulatan undang2

Mr.Olympism said...

The other mole you said that revocation and dissolution is not the same. Maybe you are right to dissolve you ne4ed to go throughyour AGM to dissolve. However under Sec.20 of the SDA if your license or registration with SC has been revoked, can you carry out your activities.
My point is you are as good as finished, unless you think the SC can reinstate and set aside the revocation order.
A lot of skeleton are now surfacing and this is good for the public consumption. In Malay the 'pekong" is out.
Onthis note I have to thank loose cannon for having this most active forum to allow people to ventilate their grouses. Syabas Bang Rizal!

Anonymous said...

Other mole of course it is Tunku Imran who engineered to have TM (WTF) to be recognised as the NSA for Malaysia. This is a fact and he uses his influence in Kukiwon to get them abandon MTA.
Whatyou MTA chaps who are not happy should bring this up with Kukiwon. I can tell you that your game is over.
Whether he Tunku is an IOC member or he threthen Kukiwon to remove MTA, the point at the end of the day is he succeeded. You MTA chaps are fighting at home among your minnions but you forgot the international scene.
Had MTA fostered good ties with Kukiwon and if Tunku tries his nonsenses nothing would have happened.
I agree with Mr.Olympism, you can talk till the cows come home all now you do is only tokkok.
What SC did was correct if the NSA loses its IF recognition game over.

Anonymous said...

Former MTA President Raja was not in this for self aggrandisement but genuinely wants to see Taekwondo return to its former glory.Was he paid during his tenure as a President? Not a single cent! The moment he was elected President, he was in Korat, cheering on the athletes and giving them motivation.If it was solely based on selfish reasons and any other ulterior motives,he did not have to fork out for the trip out of his own expenses and award the athletes some gratuity money to spur them on further. Will Nazim, who always claim to be not interested serve to be a better President? Will you elect someone who has shown no interest to take on the job? Does it make sense to deregister MTA, which is the ONLY recognised association under WTF? Leave politicking out of the sport and let Taekwondo flourish under the helm of real, good and honest people.

Anonymous said...

Halo anonymous 10.27 a.m.

i agree with u that Raja never take money from MTA. As President it is very respect of him to spend money to go Korat SEA Games and give money to atlit.

Actually, if you are rich like raja, you also cannot get the reconition if you are not officer in association. If you and I got money like raja also cannot get the same reception. This reconition money cannot buy.

So no big deal if raja spend RM10k. it is petty cash for him. For a rich man like him money is not the meaning any more. Rich people like raja and rich politician die to get reconition. Money is no issue.

Yes I also agree there are some pepople very stingy with their money. More richer more stingy. So lets not use money to mesure how a President can contibute to his association.

Anonymous said...

Saya Amat Tertarik dengan komen dari artikel ini... mungkin apa yang dinyatakan ini akan membuka mata pelbagai pihak mengenai apa yang tersirat disebalik kemelut ini...

1. Mungkin ramai yang tidak mengetahui bahawa taekwondo memang sebenarnya menjadi sukan yang boleh meraih banyak keuntungan kepada pengamalnya... perlembagaan baru yang dicadangkan melalui JK Adhoc terang-terangan akan memberi kuasa kepada kelab primer untuk mengundi dan setaraf dengan negeri dan institusi...amalan terdahulu MTA sejak 30 tahun yang lalu mengiktiraf negeri-negeri di Malaysia termasuk ATM, Polis dan MASUM menjadi ahli utama dalam pertubuhan ini, ianya kemudian turut memberi ruang kepada kelab persendirian (so call primer club) untuk turut bernaung tanpa diberikan sebarang undi...bersambung

Anonymous said...

2. Namun begitu akibat kemelut yang dicipta oleh kumpulan berkepentingan maka wujudlah cadangan untuk memberi undi kepada setiap kelab kononnya atas dasar pembangunan sukan...bukan untuk menidakkan tapi ini hakikat yang bakal dihadapi sekiranya dasar ini dilaksanakan, ianya bakal menjadi tragedi yang telah dihidu dan ditentang oleh negeri gabungan : amati penyataan ini....

a. Dalam perlembagaan baru yang dicadangkan oleh Ad Hoc, mereka mengikiraf penanan kelab-kelab Primer...Kelab Primer dan persendirian ini mempunyai lebih
dari ratusan ahli yang terdiri dari pelajar terutama di sekolah dan IPT, mereka mengutip yuran bulanan diantara RM 20-30
sebulan untuk setiap ahli, dengan mengenakan yuran keahlian sekali bayaran sebanyak antara RM 20-30.

Ini tidak termasuk keuntungan dari hasil jualan pakaian diantara RM 20-40 untuk setiap ahli...mungkin kita hendak mengetahui berapa pendapatan mereka...

Kita ambil matematik mudah :

Jika ahli seramai 500 orang x RM 30= RM 15,000 sebulan

RM 15,000 sebulan ditolak dengan kos dan sebagainya mungkin dalam RM 5,000- 8,000 sebulan

Sebulan RM 8,0000 x 9 bulan ( ditolak dengan cuti sekolah dan sebagainya ) = RM 72,000 setahun

Keuntungan lain melalui jualan baju dan sebagainya lumpsum RM 30 x 500 ahli = RM 15,000.00

b. Ini tidak termasuk dengan caj yang dikenakan apabila anak-anak kita apabila mereka mengambil ujian (grading)..dari tali
pinggang putih sampai tali pinggang coklat atau hitam

Kos untuk mengambil ujian (grading) yang ditetapkan oleh persatuan perindividu diantara RM 30-35
nisbah yang dibayar adalah seperti berikut :

Bayaran kepada pemeriksa - RM 4
Bayaran ( Levi kepada MTA ) - RM 6
Bayaran kepada Jurulatih Kelab - RM 15-25

Perkiraan yang kembali kepada kelab = RM 15 x 500 ahli = RM 7500

Anonymous said...

c. Kalau anda sebagai grand master(GM), berikut diberikan serba sedikit pengiraan....

di Malaysia bilangan grand master boleh dibilang dengan jari, mengikut sumber dikatakan ada 4 orang so call grand master mempunyai tahap 7-8 dan Black Belt MTA atau Kukiwon yang diiktiraf oleh WTF, dan setiap mereka ini akan menjaga beberapa negeri sebagai contoh zon utara, Perak Perlis, Pulau Pinang dan Kedah... cuba bayangkan berapa ramai jumlah pengamal taekwondo di negeri ini, tidak termasuk Selangor dan KL...

Kita ambil pengiraan mudah, katakan setiap negeri mempunyai ahli aktif seramai 5,000 orang

Bagi setiap negeri dianggarkan buat grading 3 kali setahun
caj setiap grading dibayar kepada pemeriksa ( grand master ) diantara RM 4

5,000 ahli x RM 4 x 3 kali setahun x dengan 12 negeri = RM 240,000.00

RM 240,000.00 dibahagi dengan 4 orang = RM 60,000 seorang ( paling kurang,... ada GM yang mengakui menerima hampir RM 200,000 setahun...)

MTA mempunyai lebih 300,000 ahli seluruh negara....

d. MTA yang selama ini memberi pengiktirafan kepada mereka ( Kelab) ini hanya mendapat pulangan seperti berikut :

Bayaran oleh levi dari Kelab Primer kepada MTA = RM 2,500 setahun ( sedangkan Kelab dapat untung lebih RM80,000 setahun)

Bayaran levi grading RM 4 bagi seorang pelajar x 70,000 orang x 3 kali setahun grading ( mungkin) = RM 840,000 setahun

Sumber ini yang kebiasannya akan digunakan untuk tujuan aktiviti diperingkat kebangsaan dan kemudian juga di salurkan kepada negeri gabungan termasuk kos operasi bayaran gaji kakitangan dan sewaan.

e. Sementara itu persatuan negeri dan institusi terpaksa menagih sumber kewangan, kerana kebanyakan sumber ini dikuasai oleh oleh Kelab /jurulatih...jika ada pun sedikit token hasil dari grading, mungkin disalurkan kepada negeri...tapi kebanyakan ramai yang tidak tahu...

Anonymous said...

i. Sepatutnya isu ini boleh selesai dengan baik akan tetapi terlalu banyak tangan berkepentingan menjadi dalang menghuru harakan keadaan. Pada saya isu MTA adalah imej pada kejayaan sukan negara, jika perlembangaan yang dicanangkan
dikotakan, maka saya percaya seluruh persatuan yang mempunyai kepentingan kewangan akan menuntut skrip cerita yang sama...Karate, Tenis, Silat atau kelab lain mungkin akan bersuara.... atau mampukah Persuruhjaya Sukan
untuk menyelesaikan semua kemelut ini.... hanya tuhan yang tahu....

j. Saya secarapribadi tidak menentang kelab malah ianya perlu dilihat adil kepada semua pihak...yang menjadi mangsa ialah ibu bapa, anak- anak, pihak sekolah dan institusi yang terpaksa mungkin akur dengan apa yang diputuskan oleh mereka bila mana mereka berkuasa kelak...mungkin kita boleh bertanya kepada guru disekolah atau mana-mana ibu bapa, atau institusi tentang masalah dan
penyelewengan yang mungkin wujud oleh sikap pemilk kelab dan sesetengah jurulatih yang mengambil kesempatan semasa
mengajar anak-anak disekolah tetapi disembunyikan kononya untuk mejaga periuk nasi mereka....

k. Kepada pegawai LHDN, kami mengalu-alukan pegawai tuan untuk menyiasat kemewahan pemilik kelab-kelab ini sama ada mereka menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka membayar cukai kepada negara hasil dari kekayaan dan kemewahan hidup mereka atau pun sebaliknya...bak kata pepatah besar periuk.. besarlah keraknya...

Atau pun kepada yang berkenaan dan kononnya sentiasa meraih sokongan... jangan sampai rakyat menghukum setiap kesalahan .... ingat seperti kata PM rakyat didahulukan pancapaian diutamakan...bukannya diri dan kroni diutamakan, rakyat dipijak-pijakkan....

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal..

Anonymous said...

Masum atau ATM khususnya tidak mengenakan caj kepada pelajar yang mengamalkan taekwondo, malah setiap IPTA membenarkan kelab dan jurulatih ini mengajar dengan mengenakan caj yang sama di sekolah... kelab / jurulatih tidak
dikenakan caj / sewa tempat atas dasar ingin membantu pelajar, malah jurulatih yang mengajar kelas untuk pertandingan
mewakili IPTA masing-masing
dibayar diantara 800-1500 sebulan.

Jika kelab tersebut berhasrat menganjurkan kejohanan pihak IPTA berkenaan akan menanggung kos sama ada melalaui sumber dalaman atau melalui KPT.

f. Persoalannya ... maka adilkah negeri dan institusi diberi hak yang sama dengan kelab bila mana kelab ini jauh lebih advance
dari segi carta kewangannya berbanding sumber kewangan negeri dan institusi.....mungkin telahan ini telah dilihat oleh
Setiausaha Kehormat MOM Dato Sheih Kok Chi sebagai barah yang menjadi punca kepada kemelut ini...

saya tidak faham kenapa ada pihak yang masih ingin mempertahankan agenda ini untuk kepentingan periuk nasi mereka sahaja...

g. Jika diambil pendekatan dari persatuan lain seperti FAM atau mana-mana badan sukan, mana-mana kelab yang wujud atas kapasiti yang sama tidak diletak setaraf dengan negeri, atas jaminan untuk menjaga prestij negeri itu sendiri... dalam taekwondo, ianya mungkin akan berlaku.....

h. Sebagai rakan kepada pentadbir dan pegawai sukan, saya sedih melihat isu ini diputar belitkan....bila mana wang dan kekuasaan menjadi agenda perebutan yang akhirnya menghukum atlit dan persatuan... Atm yang menjadi sebelum ini menjadi tulang belakang membangunkan MTA selama ini dipijak bagi tiada peranan dan sumbangan... dan yang paling sedih ada agensi yang kononnya menjadi tempat mengadu dijadikan sebagai kuda tunggangan....setelah hampir 5tahun bersama MTA, segala maklumat ini saya perolehi sendiri dari mereka yang merasakan perlunya perubahan....

KPT dan MASUM diberitakan berusaha mengetengahkan atlit dengan pelbagai program dan peruntukan termasuk biasiswa sukan...semuanya macam tiada nilai dan penghargaan...ATM yang menjadi pelopor malah menjadikan taekwondo sebagai latihan wajib anggota juga dinafikan tanpa belas kesihan...

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Reading brita olympik latest news, i think it is time to stop bickering. If you chaps are truly sportsmen, go and register yourself with TM (WTF). Life goes on from there for you chaps.

You either swim with thye current or you will drown. MTA you have lost the whole war and let those instructors leavbe and cari makan in TM .
To those reclacitrant chaps, you can fade away or commit hara kiri, for causing so much pain.

Anonymous said...


What is the latest? how come you stop at this junction? We heard now very panas sampi ke Parlimen. What is the stories? Cuma B team is talking, what happen to MTA ally?

Anonymous said...

Dear Members,
TM is not belong to an individual. It belongs to all of us.(I totally agree with this point, "TM not belong to an individual and belongs to all of us"

Then Why they(those in TM now) acting and doing like TM belongs them? They are not asking members opinion who elect them, They are not helping the members together to develop the sport, they do everything like they own the Association). The officers in TM be it President or Ordinary Members are bound by TM constitution.(Agreed "officers and TM & President are bound by TM Constitution", Are the following the constitution at the first place on every thing the do? )

They are elected by us, as such we must support and assist them wherever we can.( Yes at first everyone support them because we ellect them but are they supporting and leading the members that voted for them?

Please don’t be very personal for the disciplinary action taken against anyone concern.(Nothing personal just we request to follow the constitution ,if we are wrong we willing to be punished but what TM does is victimization) Whoever they dont like they take action without following the constitution.) Article 23 of TM constituton clearly says that Disiplinary Board must be form and Hearing must be done BEFORE take any action and after taken action must given14days to appeal. "AFTER take action 14days. Can anyone read TM Constitution and tell to all members that action can be taken without hearing. Suspension is punishement.

It means you punished people before you even hear from them. This is againts " The Principle of Natural Justice. This is the Good example of TM acting like they own the Association. If there is any lawyer around can you advice this point from legal view(Punished without even given a chance to hear). The same article also stress the all the complaints and documents and evidence must be given to the accused. But until today seen nothing. Meaning until today still clueless.

We will be glad that if there is an show cause letter or Inquiry) No show cause letter no inquiry staright suspension. Can anyone imagine that. Thats why i called it law of jungle"or"kangoroo court"

( Now because now only the parents ( Nazliyanti) post it in the blog) an make people responds and highlight)
I reckon this not healthy for Taekwondo fraternity, please channel your letters or complaints to Tan Sri Tunku Imran – President of TM and I am certainly sure he will look into this matter immediately.( I have an evidence and a stack of letters that TM didnt respond and taken action) if anyone want it i can aslo email. can u imagine there is soemone forged TM letter head and fax to schools. Yes TM letter head. How serious is that. We have sent complaint letter with lot of evidence and leads but no action to that netheir no reply. Simply because that club and he is interested party in TM.

) i have an idea( Why dont any members can arrange an open debate with TM managemnet Committee or Office Bearers and our representive of us discuss the topic of " Why TM failed and whats wrong with TM today" lets all Taekwondo members witness the debate and judge by themself.