Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lord Jim?

After the dust has settled, the taekwondo fraternity is set to install Datuk Nazim Razak (pic), or Jim among his inner circle, as the president of Taekwondo Malaysia, the successor to the de-registered Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) . The architect after all is a member of the pro-tem committee tasked to undertake the activities of the sport pending an election.

Taekwondo: Protem committee takes charge


TAEKWONDO Malaysia has formed a protem committee to undertake the activities of the sport in the country pending an election of office bearers.
The new national body was formed under a directive from Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek to unite the fragmented Malaysian taekwondo community under a single umbrella.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) president Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar is chairing the committee with OCM vice president Datuk Roy Rajasingham as his deputy.

Others appointed to the committee are Datuk Samson David Maman (secretary), K. M. Rajendran (treasurer), Song Yoong Khin (technical chairman) and committee members Datuk Mohamad Nazim Abdul Razak, Chee Hock Choong, Leow Cheng Koon and Chin Mee Keong.

Samson said in a statement the tenure of the protem committee has been fixed for 12 months during which the inaugural annual general meeting will be held to elect office bearers and adopt a constitution.

Besides state associations and clubs, the Armed Forces and Malaysian Universities Sports Council have been invited to join as affiliates after the Sports Commissioner's Office agreed to exempt the two bodies from registering with the office.

The Malaysian Taekwondo Clubs Association and Malaysian Taekwondo Federation have also agreed to disband as national bodies on Mar 4 and Mar 19 respectively in support of Taekwondo Malaysia.

Samson said Perlis, Perak, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan -- former affiliates of the de-registered Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA) as well as MTF affiliates of Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Johor and Putrajaya support the formation of TM.

Kuala Lumpur, another former MTA affiliate, is also supporting TM in principle.


Animal Farmer said...

Whether its Lord Jim or Count Jim, whats certain is that the sport of TKD and the practitioners in Malaysia are made to suffer because of the problems caused by the not so smart people in the Government agencies.

I read that the tkd contributed 1 gold at the SEA Games recently. But i begin to wonder why tkd is removed from SUKMA. the national governing body was suspended at the time the athletes were sent to Laos. If thats the case, why not Sukma? After all its an internal event among the junior athletes in Malaysia. Why did the Minister decide to punish the athletes and practitioners by removing it from Sukma.

Actually Adik, I hear that the politicians dont know much about whats happening. They only listen to advise from his officers. Tkd would never be in disarray if not for the govenrment agency in particular the Sports Commissioner. MTA was not suspended because they violated the law. BUT It was a suspension based on an agreement with the Minister (Ismail Sabri) that the MTF (Lord Jim) and MTCA (Tauke Chee) which was formed by individuals who left MTA be dissolved to facilitate the amalgamation of all stakeholders in tkd.

I bet you didnt know that the agreement was not honoured by the parties when the Minister was changed after DSNR became the PM. The parties who were suppose to dissolve themselves then..ignored the agreement and the SCom supported the move.

Imran and Roy were appointed as individuals. They dont represent the OCM in the adhoc committee. What was surprising was both Imran and Roy agreed with the Commissioner in allowing the MTF and MTCA to continue existing.

Of course la there was already talks among Imran Nik and Roy and a few others that Jim was the best person to be the MTA President (for obvious reasons). BUT for that to happen , they have to amend the MTA articles and create more votes that would support their plan. So they tried and called an EGM. It was given a big coverage by the media. Adik, dont tell me you missed it. The affiliates rejected the extra votes for the clubs. Imrans plan didnt materialise.

So what did they do? They abandoned the idea of resurrecting MTA and advised the Minister to reject MTA and form a new body called TM. MTA now remains suspended.

I am curious to see what the MTA reps are up to. MTA's President Raja Tahir and his gang surely wouldnt allow Imran and the gang to push this down their throat. would they? Or have they given up?

I read in the papers that the world Association has given recognition to the protem committee. Is it true? Can ah? What happens to the present one?

What about OCM?can OCM recognise TM whilst MTA remains suspended? can ah?

I think with Sieh Kok Chi there anything is possible. Surely he will go "YES SIR!" to Imran's instruction. What say you Adik?

To Lord Jim, I hope he can see through all these people..they are all just trying to carry balls. I wish him all the best. Coz the word his, he knows nothing about whats happening in tkd or what was happening in the meetings. The body will be managed of course by the secretary who apparently is politician..

If I were to ask you Adik, you would probably say..WHAT TO DO?!

Menyampah said...

Setahu saya, dulu tkd yang bergaduh di Malaysia ialah gaya WTF dan ITF. lepas tu ITF berpecah dan di Msia di tubuh GTF (geng Azalina).

Dulu masa zaman kegemilangan tkd di Malaysia takde pun isu kelab-kelab. Persatuan kebangsaan hanya mempunyai negeri-negeri sebagai ahli.

Jimmy pun dulu merupakan timbalan Presiden MTA. Presiden pacik dia Jeneral Ghazali.

Lepas tu bila sifu-sifu di MTA bergaduh pasal nak hak mengundi, mulalah perbalahan.

Masa tu pulak menterinya Azalina. Apa lagi dia bubuh kerosene lah. Lepas tu Innalilah...

Ada orang tu tak tau malu. taewando ape benda pun dia tak tahu. meeting pun dia tak hadir. Isu pun dia tak paham. yang di tahu dia nak jadi Presiden, nak famous keluar paper. Nak jadi pejuang sukan konon.

Presiden dulu, lagi satu bengap. Mula-mula sama Elyas Omar. Lepas tu bila dia sendiri kena buang, dia cium mulut dgn Elyas nak lawa Raja Tahar.

Sekarang yang kat luar seperti kelab2 ambil kesempatan dan bodek Jimmy dan tubuh persatuan baru.

Yang Ori digantung. Apa nak jadi kepada sejarah lebih 30 tahun yang dicapai oleh MTA. Buang gituje pasal nak ampu Jimmy.

MOM pulak terpaksa akur pasal bos dia orang tu, Imran, pun turut membodek. Roy Raja, tak payah aku nak sebut.

Kalau masalah di persatuan lain macam mana. Kalau ada personaliti hebat ke atau adik menteri ke atau anak sultan ke terlibat macam mane. Gantung persatuan dan tubuh baru ke jawap nya?