Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two x-FAM bigwigs in SDFC

Tengku Ahmad Shah Sultan Salahuddin

Datuk Seri Mohamed Sulaiman

Sime Darby FC may be competing in the FAM league, the third tier competition in the domestic structure but they are getting a headstart by appointing two former FA of Malaysia bigwigs to help strategise the team's future.

SDFC deputy chairman-cum-team manager is former FA of Malaysia vice-president, Tengku Ahmad Shah, known for his role as the Selangor team manager in the 90s. Chairman is Datuk Seri Mohamed Sulaiman, a former FAM treasurer. When the idea of forming SDFC took shape last year, Sime Darby did not have to look beyond the group. Tengku Ahmad Shah is chairman of Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang, while Mohamed is a member of Sime Darby board of directors.

Charting the team's fortunes on the pitch is former Selangor tactician and head of the academy, Ismail Zakaria. They have registered quite an encouraging series of results in friendlies as they prepare for life in the M-League's third division!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't SIME DARBY suppose to takeover MYTEAM, my friend?

Anonymous said...

Ismail Zakaria yang satu-satu pencapaian dengan pasukan Selangor ialah turun ke Divison 2 di dalam musim tunggal beliau selaku Ketua Jurulatih Gergasi Merah?

GenPro Juga

Anonymous said...

Hello En Rizal,

Hairan juga anda memberi gambaran yang hebat sangat mengenai 2 individu untuk mencemerlangkan bolasepak SDFC.Maybe taraf SDFC boleh la.. FAM 'big-wigs'?... huh...sungguh bombastic!
Apa peranan Tengku Mad Shah sebagai Naib Presiden FAM dulu? Sedangkan ketika itulah mula turun menjunam mutu bolasepak negara dalam hampir semua segi.
Begitu juga dengan Mohd Sulaiman..memang ketika itu FAM banyak duit, semi-pro, pro dan sebagainya. Tetapi, pengurusan mereka ketika itu juga tidak seberapa,tiada visi jangka panjang. Jika tidak, masakan FAM 'runtuh' dalam banyak aspek 1990 - 2000. Itu tidak dikaji selidik lagi hal-hal'rights' Piala Dunia FIFA-FAM yang sampai sekarang ini masih terselindung status sebenarnya.
Rasanya, tak perlulah glamourise 'orang-orang besar' yang sebenarnya, Loose Canon sendiri pernah mempersoalkan kewibawaan mereka dulu.
Sekadar renungan...

aFiQ said...

Sime Darby might be Malaysia's leading conglomerate, but in term of establishing a football franchise,they not doing anything great;which i personally think they are capable to, judging by their resources and revenue.

I think Sime Darby should learn from their Vietnamese counterpart, Becamex IDC and the province of Binh Duong on how to really establishing a football franchise.

Sime Darby should learn to understand the concept of football franchise. You need to have a solid fan base first in order to achieve other big things, lets say, competing in Malaysia Super League .Who do you expect to support Sime Darby FC? Each and every staff of Sime Darby?Got to be joking.For God sake, go look somewhere for a community that have a huge potential to be the team's fan base. Maybe an oil palm estate or something, i dont know.Just please find 1.

No matter how rich your company is, i dont really think they can survived the wave with almost zero gate revenue. Just look what happened to My Team FC.

I strongly believe that SDFC is Selangor MK Land in the making. Sorry =p

Hakim Amir said...

Sime Darby FC?

Hmmmm suddenly my thoughts are on some teams we've come acrossed before, like MK Land FC, Public Bank FC, Kelantan TNB, MyTeam FC, Kuala Muda Naza FC, Nibong Tebal FC, Perak Jenderata FC, Proton Selangor FC etc

... and I was looking forward to support my adopted town's team, MP Muar FC in the Premier League (manalah tahu whenever I balik mapung to my wife's hometown, I can watch them in action)..then suddenly it turned out they made JB as their homebase, and not the Muar Stadium itself..cissss...

Am_7riel said...

I agreed with afiq

What do you expect by setting up a club which eventually it will having the same script like other unsuccessful clubs like we all known?

Do they want their every matches watched by their players families,fiancees or girlfriends or colleagues?If these are the potential spectators,how would this club survived?

We should learn from the Thais and Vietnam on how the club being setup for their league involvement. From building their own small stadium,we called it as astaka here since the capacity initially was smaller than mini stadium,but rather somehow they managed to pool the fans from area that they chosed for their home ground.This is what we called as sense of belongings.

Look at an example of JohorFC,who have their own small stadium and have sense of belongings of people who living in Pasir Gudang.Yes,thinking big is good,but how about going further by questioning how to sustain it for eternally?

Am_7riel said...

Just FYI,Mp Muar could not play at their own turf,Stdium Sultan Ibrahim due to the renovation still taking place.Recently i heard the renovation is done but yet taking confirmation by FAM field comittee i guess.