Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jet ski anyone?

Saifullah and Syakirah

Amy Green and Raja Aris Raja Dzulkifli

Jet ski anyone?

Loose cannon remembers the days covering Alex Yoong and sister Philippa but they were into water skiing.

PRESS RELEASE Kuala Lumpur (Feb 2, 2010) - THE inaugural Terengganu World Jet Race Challenge (TWJC) on February 4-6 is set to create a splash with the presence of some of the world’s leading participants.

TWJC 2010 will be the first State core event for 2010.

According to appointed Event Manager, three-day event will take place on a 1.15km track at the Pulau Duyong waters, in the estuary of Terengganu Rivers.

Set to take part in the prestigious event are three US world champions Amy Green ,Chris Fischetti and Dustin Charrier as well as British champion, Seth Wilkinson. Terengganu World Jetrace Challenge 2010 (TWJC) is in line with the State’s desire to promote Terengganu as a global sports tourism destination.

The official venue of TWJC 2010 in Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort Marina & Spa in Pulau Duyung is also the venue of the prestigious Monsoon Cup which enters its 6th year.

Among the 2010 core events that will be held are Kenyir Lake International Triathlon in March, Kapas Marang International Swimathon in April, Kenyir Cup Goodwill Fishing Competition in October, Perhentian Island Challenge in October and the Monsoon Cup in December.

Besides Green, Fischetti, Charrier and Wilkinson, TWJC 2010 is set to be graced by approximately 100 participants from Serbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, United Kingdom, and a number of local teams from Malaysia. The objective is two-fold.

One is to promote personal watercraft or known by its generic name jetski based on the brand produced by Kawasaki, the other is to enhance Terengganu’s reputation as a sports tourism destination that is second to none.

Helping to raise the profile of the event is Fischetti, 42, who has the distinction of being the stand overall world champion, stand-up slalom world champion, stand-up super stock and modified world champion and super course world champion.

Green is no slouch either. She has won three world championships and is an 11-time USA national champion.

With a total prize money of RM82,500, the events are divided into 10 categories, for professional, rookie and celebrity riders.
For more information, please contact Raja Zarina at 012-295 8151, Shila (012-6045204) or Hatta (012-9163646)


Anonymous said...

hi. are you the organizer of the Jet Ski event?

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Are you the organizer for the Jet Ski event?