Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big banner by

A gigantic banner with Mokhtar Dahari's image on it is in the pipeline., a group of ultras who support the national team no matter what, has initiated a move to have this banner in time for Malaysia's friendly game against Syria on Jan 2. Only thing, they have to remove the word for. It is clear that they have taken a dig at those fans who keep tabs on the EPL but pour scorn on their fellow Malaysians.

Those who wish to contribute can contact Dinie Asyraf bin Salehan at 017-602 5032 and the account number is 05060126928521 CIMB BANK.


Anonymous said...

ty bro sebabkan feature kan banner ni.

Doctor Romario said...

Supermokh and Malaysia Super Tigers.

For the Game. For the World.

aFiQ said...

Thanks for the publicity!Until the last rebel~!

Anonymous said...

Salam Rizal
Ingin saya jelaskan dengan terang. Bukan tidak mahu menyokong pasukan Malaysia, mahu, kami juga mahu yang berikut:

a. Gaji pemain yang mewakili negeri di bayar tanpa tungakkan. Di bayar tepat pada masanya.

b. kebajikan pemain terjaga dan di bela atas sumbangan mereka kepada pihak negeri.

c. Caruman KWSP di bayar tepat kerana ini simpanan hari tua mereka.

d. Potongan LHDN di buat bagi mereka yang layak dan patut membayar.

Kesemua di atas akan melahirkan pemain yang berdedikasi dan sanggup berjuang bak harimau di persada bolasepak negara.

Barulah kita boleh berasak menyokong pasukan kebangsaan Malaysia yang akan berusaha bertarung bak harimau di gelanggang bolasepak dunia.

Janganlah jadi menang sorak kampong tergadai.

Pemain belot kerana dia cilok.



Anonymous said...

masing2 berebut nak pakai jersey manutd / liverpool / england / brazil etc..tapi malu nak pakai jersey negara sendiri..ada penah nampak org english pakai baju france / spain?

-aku yg cari jersey msia tp kena gelak dgn salesman di msia tanahairku..

Anonymous said...

Ubah time k/off Liga M jgn clash dgn EPL. Publisiti on Liga M patut diberi macam EPL than barulah orang tau pasal liga tempatan. TETAPI mother-of-all-cause ialah QUALITY!!!! Tak de kualiti jgn ceritala nak fight dgn EPL


Anonymous said...

Fellow Malaysians,

It will always be a chicken and egg situation when it comes to Malaysian football.

"What should come first?" Many would ask.

Should I support Malaysian football when 'quality' reaches its utmost pedestal?


Should I faithfully support Malaysian football and unconsciously help to generate interest back to it? (and HOPEFULLY comes along the conscience of those in power on the need to invest, expand and have competent administration for the football industry)

I, for one, choose the latter.

Simply, I refuse to become those fumbling clowns that would hurriedly jump on the glory band wagon, when the time comes, eventually.

But sadly, many still choose to become those clowns.

Again, thank you Rizal for your little, but ever more precious, coverage on the passion of Ultras Malaya at HARIMAUMALAYA.COM.

- F3154L (HMC) -
Let's Rise Together!

teachuhman said...


I support the Malaysian flag no matter what. For better or worst I AM MALAYSIAN.

Sure there are shortcomings, lets see how we can help these guys All of us can play a part no matter how small. As citizens of this country we can all contribute to the development of THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

Sadly, most just choose to belittle and demoralise the home team and glorify the colonial masters.

Yes we appreciate a good performance and acknowledge the quality of football they posess but thats where it should stop. Our loyalty should always be with the home team and that is a huge responsibilty that all of us have to share.


Khier said...

terima kasih kerana tolong publisiti banner ni.
Until the last rebel

Am_7riel said...

first of all,thx bro for advertising our banner project,hoping that it can be materialised b4 tomorrow?

secondly,for all comments that saying, until those issues been taken care of then only u will support your own national team,let me remind u,no matter what it stakes or reason, Malaysia shall comes first rather than support other team,donning their jersey proudly and waving their flag.That is truly disgust antics!