Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you, Tan Sri

My family and I finally got a taste of laksa Sarawak during iftar recently, courtesy of former Sports Commissioner, Tan Sri Elyas Omar.

I remember writing an Open Letter to Tan Sri when I was still at the Malay Mail and the less than pleasant exchanges over the short text messaging system (SMS) on his decision to deregister the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA), which I felt was forced upon him by the previous Sports Minister.

Tan Sri, who has had the distinction of holding office in football, badminton and cycling, is magnanimous enough to consider me as a friend, despite our differences in opinions on many issues.

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kajang-today said...

You got laksa and he got a taste of his own meds, so it's a draw for now. MU 1-Chelski 1.

to gain upperhands, give him another flak and maybe he'll give u another bowl of laksa, maybe Malaccan one.