Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book on bookies

Perak coach Steve Darby alerted me to the launch of this new book here. Thanks Steve. Now, will the contents of the book, said to be explosive, have an impact here?

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bookieNo1 said...

Bro, care to read this

The Ghana FA have launched an attack over Canadian author Decian Hill’s claims that certain FIFA 2006 World Cup matches were fixed.

Hill wrote in his book The Fix that Asian bettors influenced Ghanaian players to lose against Brazil 3-0 during the tournament in Germany.

The GFA, in a statement, said: “Allegations could be at best of his own imagination”.

The GFA then reported Hill to the authorities for legal action to be taken against him, claiming the Canadian had denigrated the players and the country’s honour.

“In the view of the allegations against the GFA and their players, we have decided to pursue the following lines of action: 1. Lodge an official complaint to the Ghanaian Police to investigate the case.

2. Take legal action against Declan Hill, the publisher of The Fix, and the German Magazine Der Spiegel for publishing untrue statements about the GFA and their players.

3. Seek the advice of our lawyers to take further action available against Declan Hill and the publishers.”