Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MHF next stop for TM?

When Lazarus Rokk and Johnson Fernandez, two big names in sports journalism, introduced me to Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (picture from university malaysia pahang) at the Darulmakmur Stadium more than a decade ago, I was struck by his down-to-earth persona.

Although I had covered him on the sidelines of various meetings at FA of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur as the sidekick for the likes of senior journalists like Badrulhisham Othman, Saodi Mat Atar, Rosli Safar, Norbakti Alias and Ahmad Khawari Isa, it was in Kuantan that I was formally introduced to the Tengku Mahkota.

Tengku Abdullah knew me by name, "Ah, awak yang selalu kutuk saya...macam-macam awak tulis."

I could sense that it was a remark made with no malice intended, but more like an ice-breaker.

After all what Tengku Abdullah said was true. When I was at Berita Harian, I was pro-player, coach and all technicians. I had little regard for officialdom and the policy-makers behind the scenes, but soon I discovered the dynamics in FAM and Tengku Abdullah's untiring effort to develop football.

Now, having quit FAM in the wake of the 2007 Asian Cup debacle, Tengku Abdullah is said to be interested in taking over the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF). Read here. But in my humble opinion, Tuanku, leave MHF be.

While some suggested for Tengku Abdullah to give it a try (he'll do no worse than Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim who is president for three or four national sports bodies) and provide leadership to an Olympic sport desperate for direction, I think the damage in MHF is virtually irrepairable.

However if you read Johnson's take here, could he be suggesting someone else rather than the top two incumbents - Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor and Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar - to run MHF? Will Tengku Abdullah enter the fray and force his brother in law out of the picture?


Anonymous said...

Brother Rizal,
Nobody can touch the present MHF officials for another 10 years until hockey touches 100th place in the world and has gone down the drains.
The present officials have already set their line up and now they are campaigning with state secretaries.Last time they promised RM5k worth of sticks but now the same amount is going to the secretaries.Who doesn't want?
Now its all money and power crazy brother.Easy to buy over, after all its voting only.Its not they earn but gain the seat with money and power. 3/4 of the state secretaries want to travel free so promise has already given. States that have been bought over- TOP LIST KEDAH,NEGERI SEMBILAN,PERLIS,KELANTAN,TERENGGANU,SELANGOR,ATM,PDRM and as usual JOHOR. So what for election, just let them handle until there is no more hockey.
God save Malaysian Hockey.

1975 fan

Anonymous said...


We take a look at what happening in hockey for the last two years, with all the results that shows we are heading for the worst.

Do anybody care?

Its not the game thats important,its what each individual who hold the position gets out of the game.

Who cares about development,now the national team is going to Hamburg to play against Germany,Belgium and Pakistan.

We all know all the above teams will bring their young players for international exposure,will try out new tactical and strategy.

Why their invited Malaysia?Certaintly Malaysia will bring their full side and most importantly have the money to pay for all the expenses.

Great stuff.I am guessing how much the goverment via NSC whould have spend for our national teams at all level the last two years .

Who's the main cause of this rotting?

The one that gives the candy?

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Abdullah's brother-in-law is Tunku Ibrahim Sultan Isandar (TMJ) and not Tunku Majid..

Abang_manja said...

TMJ, Tengku Hajjah Azizah n Tengku Majid rasa-rasanya adik beradik (anakanda kepada Sultan Johor sekarang.)

So, Tengku Majid memang adik ipar TMP bukan?

Anonymous said...

The above two are fighting over who is the brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Hello brothers which mother-in-law comes. We here are thinking of who is going to take over MHF and bring good results. Stop Quarrelling lah!
Fan of 102 alias 10/2

Francis said...

Tengku Abdullah, mungkin saudara boleh memberitahu kami apa yang telah beliau lakukkan untuk FAM, perubahan atau kemajuan yang di bawa, FAM masih sama shaja, just because you resign dari FAM does not make you a hero la bro, TM should have resign long time ago, even when Malaysia lost to Laos.
But both father and son stayed on. Royalties should not get involve in sport, leave sports to sportsman, for once why cant we have Datuk Ho Koh Chye has the president . All this royalities must get out of sports. I heard Pahang HA is in debts for 1 million. Can TM settle the debts first before coming to MHF.