Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Road to Africa part deux

My predictions for Match Day 2 of the FIFA World Cup 2010 qualifiers (selected matches). Believe me at your own peril...

Spain 3 Armenia 0

Croatia 2 England 0

France 0 Serbia 1 (Domenech to be sacked, replaced by Deschamps)

Italy 1 Georgia 0

Portugal 1 Denmark 2

Finland 1 Germany 3

Peru 1 Argentina 1

Brazil 2 Bolivia 1


Anonymous said...

kalau dah france tu france la
but i rasa
spain 2 armenia 1
croatia 1 eng 1
france 1 serbia 1
italy 2 georgia 0
portugal 2 denmarak 1
findland 0 germany 3
peru 2 argentina 1
brazil 3 bolivia 0

brazilia ha ha ha

Mohd Zaidi Barkis said...

no way France to lose to Serb at home. Over the hill they are but Serbia do not pose much threat either.

deschamps the water carrier is more interested in EPL's job la, keje France x glamour.

Mohd Zaidi Barkis said...

see what i told ya!

you were way off the mark again hahahaha

Anonymous said...

What a game between Portugal and Denmark. Denmark totally deserve the 3 points where they never gave up when Portugal dominated most of the game.
What a performance by the 3 Lions. Hopefully they can put out a performance like this when facing a superior team with 11 players. Why Capello still include Beckham in the squad still baffles me.
No doubt Rooney's played exceptionally well and his goal will fired him up for this weekend's game with L'pool.
What a perfomance by young Walcott, imagine he is only 19. England will top the group in the end.