Thursday, September 4, 2008

Al-Fatihah - Pak Samad - Apr 24 (18)-1925-Sept 4, 2008

The nation mourns the demise of a true nationalist, Pak Samad Ismail. Read the citation on the recipient of the 1994 Ramon Magsaysay award at rockybru2 here. My condolences to Pak Samad's family, especially Kak Ena. Al-Fatihah.


Personally I never had the chance of getting the privilege of a four-eyed meeting with Pak Samad. What I do know about Pak Samad was mostly through reading pleasures and stories related to me by those who have had the good fortune of working under him.

Through a book called Wajah, written by Baha Zain, Safian Hussain, Sarah Sadon and A.M. Thani and published in 1981, I discovered Pak Samad was incarcerated under the ISA for allegedly being involved in subversive elements only three weeks after he was conferred the Pejuang Sastera title and RM10,000 tthat went with it in May 1976.

An icon has passed away. It marked the passing of an era for Malaysia.

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Car Boots said...


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire..." - William Butler Yeats

In a time of pedantic pail-fillers, the nation mourns the last of a dying breed - its most coruscating mind and renegade soul.

Pak Samad - a true Malaysian original.
He is an Unforgettable Fire.

" Ice.
Your only rivers run cold,
These city lights,
They shine as silver and gold,
Dug from the night.
Your eyes as black as coal.

Walk on by, walk on through,
Walk till you run.
And dont look back.
For here, I am."

- The Unforgettable Fire (U2)


FROM - NAGUIB & SSP GANG (Former Schoolmates of Nina Samad)