Saturday, January 7, 2012

Very few options for BAM

Two former chief coach of the national team, an academician and one Singaporean are the four individuals shortlisted for the High-Performance Director's post at BA of Malaysia (BAM).  Despite recommendation from the New Straits Times here and the Star's report here, the great Dane Morten Frost will not be renewing ties with Malaysia anytime soon.

Frost and I had our fair share of exchanges when he was the chief coach...the former world champ is not one to mince his words...and I like that in a person. Frost and I agreed to disagree on a lot of things. Read  Nadzmi v Ganga

Thomas Cup Jakarta in 1994 saw the emergence of Yap Kim Hock as a doubles specialist and signalled Razif Sidek's exit from the world scene. Razif became chief coach in 1995 and Kim Hock followed suit much later.

But it is learnt academician Sheikh Kamaruddin Sheikh Ahmad, a former chairman of the Coaching Board NSC and coaching chairman of Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU), is the favourite for the job. The only problem is Sheikh Kamaruddin, brother of Rajemah, former hurdler and team manager of the athletics squad in the 2011 SEA Games, is not in the good books of many people, including powerful decision makers in the sports fraternity! So where does this leave BAM? They could well end up with someone other than the four candidates! 


Anonymous said...

Whoever becomes the high performance director has a huge responsibility to fill as follows:-

1) Our woman players have not progressed far enough. Thailand had a 16 year old that won the Copenhagen Masters...India woman players are fast coming up.. How about Malaysia?

2) Same goes for our men players other than Datuk LCW...The next ranked player after Datuk LCW is Hafiz Hashim at number 33 in the world...Where is our development plan?

If something is not done fast...we may end up fading further in men and women badminton in the world....

Anonymous said...

Being in the good books is the most important thing in Malaysia...Be in MSN< ISN OR NSA's.
Your next post is furter proof

Anonymous said...

Apa susah sangat, biarkan Datuk James Selvaraj sambung sampai habis tempoh tamat kelayakan Olimpik. Biar dia habiskan program dia. Lepas ini, kita tgk apa komen dia kerna sebelum ini dia cukup hebat kritik jurulatih2 yang ada. Sekarang kita tgk program yang dibuat boleh jadi atau tidak.

Anonymous said...

KKK & TBH kalah lagi. Kalah dgn lawan yg ranking lebih rendah. BAM masih lagi menaruh harapan pada bergu ni.
Lain pasangan kurang2nya mesti mara ke 1/4 akhir, tapi 2nd dah out? Maknanya. x der harapan le pingat di London Olimpik nanti.
Rexy? kalau aku jadi dia aku akan kata " KKK & THB masih antara yg terbaik dunia, saya pasti ya mereka akan membuat yg terbaik ya. Harapan pingat di london itu masih cerah ya" dlm hati "............" (terlalu grafik utk di tulis)
itu kalau aku rexy la.


Anonymous said...

Sambung sikit.....
Cerita Pasal Olimpik. Thomas Cup Qualifier?